Zappl is not leaving or stopping the site permanently.

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With the new v.20 changes, we have to look into a few things for our profit models. With people only having so many comments, posts, and a lack of upvotes we need to check the cost of interaction. Of video uploading, image uploading, and account creation costs.

Steems raise in payouts seems like a good thing but that because we have fewer people interacting with the chain. So is currently looking over steems sustainability model with current features, and new changes that have been made and how they work without a new update. Things like auto-posting features, encrypted posting, finally working chat system.

Zappl has every plan to be back up soon, but we would like to be responsible dealing with the new system changes.

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We all are waiting for your coming @zappl

Hi @zappl, How is the development of the @zappl application at the moment, is the new update that you said can't be run for now ??

Watching this post.

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Great to hear and hopefully with an update to allow it to work on my Huawei P7 please :-)

I'm waiting for your ready... I hope now can multiple picture upload...

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welcome back to zappl

Great zappl will be great and better than ever : ) is unreachable

Is Zappl still active? The site doesn't appear in Google when searching for Zappl keyword. Do you charge anything for using your app? I mean like eSteem is charging 10% of user earnings?