Vlad Finance Is Building A NFT Market on BSC

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This time I am showing you a cool project that has been around for a couple of weeks. I can't catch them all right away. This project is Vlad Finance. Don't let the name fool you they are all about NFTS. Well, that and earning yield. That isn't how they started but their Coin Vlad build them up a fun community and they saw that the next step that their community would love was NFTS. They looked around on BSC for a good marketplace and didn't find one and so they plan on building one. I like the idea of NFTS that does stuff. I don't buy art ones. I own a lot of Splinterlands NFTs, I own Wax NFTs and both earn me to yield. Well, I don't expect anything different from the Vlad NFT's I now own. Check out the video and let me know what you think about the project.

Vlad Finance Site
Vlad Medium
Vlad Token Contact
Life Token Contact
[DexGuru for Charts]:(https://dex.guru/)
Vlad Twitter
Vlad Telegram tell them Steve Sent You

I did not get paid by the team to make the video but they do have a contest going on but I wasn't aware till I asked them about some art for the thumbnail. I will say what got me to buy was that when I joined up they all helped me out learning about the project and coin. Very friendly group looking to build and good project. I hope I can help.


@bullionstackers can you explain at all why you downvote my video post. I don't see why I can't share these on steem.