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You look really stressed. You sure need it tibburn all the fat. Lol
Jump in the pool.... Yaaayyyy... Or should I join you? Hahahahahah


We have 92 degrees



Hey, @knircky wonderful work for keeping your body healthy and fitness.

Good job man for keeping yourself fitting , you need it to fresh up yourself,

hehe, I think that's the right choice. You have to jump straight into the pool, after all it's done. Because I see your face very tired and hot. But it's really cool @knircky, fitness is very needed in our life, with we often do fitness, then our body will always be healthy, strong and far from disease attack. Thank you, and I hope you have a wonderful day... :)


U fortunatley the pool was not open just yet. What a tease....

Great work for keeping your fitness @knircky

You spread motivate words even when you do need motivation,this is peculiar to the selflessness exhibited by Jesus. We are all lucky to have such an exemplary one as you....

I just came from the gym as well and it’s 31 C here right now . All I wish I had right now was a cold pool that I could jump in

Wow, a very good pitnes place, and very suitable for exercise fitness, hopefully a good day @knircky.

Feels so good too keep fit isn’t?

keep it up man.

Learn to manage your states, you can be the best of all, but if you emotionally let you win, you will not achieve anything. A swim in that pool would come to relax.

Wow, I like working out too, but I have stopped for awhile, you just motivated me to start again 💃

Nice workout my friend, keeping fit is the key to healthy life. Exercises men, you know swimming itself is an exercise. Keep fit Mr friend

Fabulous one!!!

It all depends on your determination and continuity. Good luck

Don't hesitate to do that. That pool sure looks tempting option.

Take a rest at least 30 minutes before jumping to the pool. Enjoy the sweat first =)

Is this photo made with a tablet? Haha :D