@ura-soul Witness Update #9 - My Witness Node Is Producing Blocks Again Following The Hard Fork 20 Bugs and Reversal

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@ura-soul witness status

Following a lot of work from various core coders of the Steem blockchain, patches have been rolled out to repair the bugs introduced into the blockchain during the recent attempted deployment of the new version of the Steem software, ready for Hard Fork 20. Enough of the witnesses are now running the patched version of the Hard Fork 19 version of the Steem software to ensure stable running of the Steem network once again. You should now be able to use the various D-apps for Steem without issue.

While we appreciate the frustration you may have encountered due to the network being down for a day, this is (imo) a small price to pay for the unique services offered by the blockchain and also for being able to decentralise such a system across so many nodes. I will be exploring why this occurred with what time I have available - as I would like to know why the bugs weren't detected on the test net prior to adoption on the live network. In any case, this is all a learning experience for everyone involved and kudos to everyone who joined forces to help each other out to bring the network back to life!

For reference, the recommended version for Steem software is now v0.19.12 with 4 patches applied. It is likely that a new version of the 19.x series will be released soon that includes the patches. I am sure an announcement regarding the next attempt at launching HF20 will be forthcoming soon.

My own primary server is back making blocks already and I am taking the opportunity to also upgrade my backup server to the same level.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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