@ura-soul Witness Update #11 - My Witness Server is Upgraded to v0.20.2 - Ready For Hard Fork 20!

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@ura-soul witness status

Thanks to @someguy123 for being on top of managing his software to make upgrading witness servers a simple process.. My primary server is now serving blocks again, ready for Hard Fork 20. :)

We now have only about 3.5 hours before Hard Fork 20 is scheduled to go live.. Check out the recent post from Steemit .inc regarding what will change here. You'll be able to edit ALL of your posts, with no time limit - pretty cool! Plus a variety of other changes that are intended to make Steem more user friendly.

Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly, so far so good.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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Such a great moment!!!! I don't know why but feels that a new time is coming for US!

Edits with no time limits - I hadn't realised that. Good development though I think.

I'm holding of posting for a while...

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