@ura-soul Witness Update #10 - My Witness Is Paused While It Replays The Blockchain For Hard Fork 20.. Back Soon!

in witness •  5 months ago

@ura-soul witness status

Phew, it's been a tough day here today, but at last I have my primary server replaying the blockchain in anticipation of going live with the working version of Hard Fork 20 for Steem. In case you aren't aware, Steem is getting a system wide upgrade tomorrow (in theory) with many/most of the witnesses having already upgraded their servers. Mine will be finished just in time to go live before the forking occurs for Hard Fork 20.

My backup server is going to be deleted in the coming days and I will replace it with a new server that is better suited to handling 'Docker', which will make maintenance and upgrade much easier in the future. For this reason, my witness is offline for the next few hours, while it finishes it's replay process and I get some sleep!

It will be back producing blocks again in a few hours - fear

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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Witness class is very useful to us
I will vote for you as a witness because you provide us with services
Thank you my dear

You are always up to date with your witness server and also in the smooth running of your server, the long anticipated hardfork 20 implementation into the steemit platform is around the corner. I hope and believe that this upgrade will enhance and improve the platform for sustainability and growth

God bless you and all other witnesses working to make this possible

Thanks for all the hard work bro. Fingers crossed for a smooth, uneventful transition :)