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What is @SteemPeak and What is Our Goal?

Our main goal is to make Steem INTUITIVE and accessible to "regular" people.
What's more intuitive than to have all the most popular STEEM features in ONE PLACE.

We started as a small project among friends to put all our favorite tools in one place... and to create a site we'd be happy introducing to new users and without the months of explaining confusing stuff.

If you believe in this goal and our ability to do it we ask for your witness vote


It's a rather Steem-centric term for someone who helps keep the Steem blockchain running (very important)... every so often we process a block and get a reward for helping the blockchain run.

MONEY: Blockchain producers run high end dedicated servers and steem can help cover costs and the time. The rewards don't always cover the costs of the servers but for a few dozen of the top vote-getters it does.

VOTES: The more votes from the Steem community the more blocks a "witness" will produce and the more a "witness" may potentially have the ability to influence the direction and decisions of the blockchain. But let's be fair it's primarily the top 20 voted accounts that have the most say and often have to come to some sort of consensus on decisions. However running a server at least get's us a seat at the table and provides steem with a solid backup of blockchain producers for just in case scenarios.

Why a @SteemPeak Witness

We created a new witness as part of our commitment to improve the Steem ecosystem. All producer rewards that we'll collect will be used to pay for the the witness operations and to fuel the development of SteemPeak.

On another note @SteemPeak with the support of @PeakMonsters has committed to and is in great financial position to run this server for a very long time no matter where we are in the votes.



As part of our effort to make user experience better we have several tools:

  • Witness page
  • Easy vote access
  • Integration of page into site


Check it out here

You'll see the same details you'll see in many other places but we've added our touch

  1. SteemPeak beautiful LAYOUT
  2. Our customary FILTERS
  3. And an eye to helping a NEW USER make sense of things
  4. An openness to listen to your FEEDBACK what you'd like added to it.


Every witness should check out their profile on SteemPeak.
We've added a button on your page for you to easily direct any user where they can vote.

No longer should a new user have to ask what's that link again or that page to visit where i can make a vote? The answer is always... go to the profile page of a witness and there it is.


We've added access to Witness voting and witness page in a couple of intuitive locations
For example in the tools section of the site

Also when a user selections ACTIONS while logged in.


Witness details

These are the details of the current setup used for our node:

Technical Specification
Dedicated Server with:
  CPU: 4 Core @ 3.60 GHz 
  HDD: 2x 250GB SSD
  OS:  Ubuntu 16.04
- Manual build of steemd for the quickest response time possible
- Currently running the pricefeed script by @therealwolf
- Our own witness monitoring solution with email alert if something is not working as expected

A backup witness server will be added later as our ranking increase to ensure that we'll be able to keep producing blocks in case of server or network failures.

The Team



Vote @SteemPeak if...

  1. You trust our block production technical abilities
  2. You want us and our ideas to have a bigger seat at the table for Steem
  3. You want to help fund our server and perhaps fund even more Steem based features
  4. You feel we are interactive with the community and represent the community you'd like on Steem (Considering this voting system is somewhat of a representative vote).

If you want to support @steempeak you can approve our witness here or use the new quick action button featured on the witnesses profile page on


Feedback and Requests

  • We would love to know which new feature is your favorite.
  • And of course you can write what you're hoping to see next.
  • Best place to do that is OUR DISCORD where many of these features above were requested.
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Got my vote. Easy access. Easy voting button. Excellent work overall. Now this suites my taste completely.

you have my vote :)


We really appreciate your support :)

You made my day, hope you keep doing well, upvoted and voted!


We’ll do our best ;)

Of course you have my vote :) Good luck with the witness guys.


Thanks ;)

Congrats guys! Looking forward to all the new updates! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

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thanks we have a bunch more updates to write about that we haven't even mentioned... people have been finding them though. haha

The Steempeak team is great, you have my vote.

Also when we implement keychain usability into steempeak then the witness page will be sooo much easier and quicker to use


Can’t wait for keychain! Do you have proxy witness voting set up ? I think more people would do that if it was simple and available .

Very cool to see you guys doing this !

Definitely have my vote, awesome work you guys are doing!


I know we appreciate it. We also can't be dependent on pumpkin so we need all the votes we can get.

How awesome is that, !! always love @steempeak!!
And a bit of suggestion, if possible,
when I'm doing transaction in wallet, would that be possible to list(or pop-up) the recent transaction people like Steemit?

Hecho, Pensaba traducir el mensaje pero es importante que si algún hispano llega no se sienta solo como yo :( haha pero les deseo mucha suerte! :)

Approved 👍