ATS-Witness: A Quick January 2019 Update

in witness •  12 days ago

I just wanted to let any interested parties and supporters know that I have initiated a power down cycle to help cover costs for the upcoming launch of the BRO Sports and Gaming Network™ website. This power down will only run for one week, then it will be terminated. I plan to make no more than one power down cycle per month to help cover development costs until the BRO Network is able to generate revenue on a regular basis.

There will be no shutdown of @ats-witness and any unused STEEM will be held in reserve in this account or a dedicated BRO account to be named in the next update.

If you are not already supporting the BRO witnesses and would like to contribute to our development of the BRO Network, please consider approving @ats-witness and @guiltyparties as Steem witnesses! You can find and approve us here:

Vote for Steem Witnesses

Thank you for your support and stay tuned for updates about the new site, testing, and the coming launch!

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I thought you might appreciate a comment, so here we are.
But in all seriousness I appreciate the update and look forward to the website!

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contribute to our development of the BRO Network

What is that about?

Hmm, what is the Bro network? ;)