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Smash Bros please put step by step for beginners to make money the challenge look doing it step-by-step is this is not the same stuff for everyone to meet the mindset is what's in common the mindset of helping other people of building things that last and looking at it like gardening instead of like stealing and hopefully with gardening you plant seeds all over and yachting get nothing in return immediately but then overtime the garden grows then all the sudden you get a Jaguar service from it just a few small season time so the man said I think it's critical think of it in terms of gardening plants and seeds and help those seeds grow 4c the things like tutorial videos on YouTube blog post the helping people questions so how can I help

Tony Robbins orangutan in his book money master the game to get some new mindsets about money if money is a struggle if money seems difficult scary we try reading Tony Robbins book money master the game because that book help me a whole lot to consciously restructure my ideas about money but the yard also do you think he will kill steam yea though I don't think anything is a good shot to kill theme because of the amount of users and organic traffic that steam already has steam has million almost a million users already and that's not something that can be easily duplicated I think there's a lot of excitement about some of these other blockchains I don't see any of these is because

not if you eat things like you eat a ton of me with lot of editorials insults a bunch of junk food is harder to produce good content one of my little tricks I do intermittent fasting I wake up I don't eat until about noon and then I just have this energy level you can see I'm ready to go I drink some tea tea helps I also avoid poisoning my body I don't drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes are used drugs it take medication and told me so there you can say and I help other people I volunteer everyday I got alcohol volunteering because I have a great day

T-Mobile number one cryptocurrency I think it's team has the best shot of any other cryptocurrencies I know all the art of holding the number one position over bitcoin for the indefinite future if the room in the short-term my tipper Bombay point at some point but the problem is with the theory of the price relative the Bitcoin needs to go up 3 times in order for Bitcoin in order for cerium to have a bigger market then pick one and another that will happen I'm not sure that you can make the same argument with Steam you could save for the market cap 136 million with Steam so basically steam would need to go up 10 100 and tasty would need to go up to 100 times at the current price to be about bitcoin now if you look at everything on steam it seems reasonable to me that the same price would be at $500 Sunday I just did for the amount of steam available because the steamed watching is rapidly growing in value was also be able to see them it is very possible for the price of steam room,when you get to earn some new song I think if we don't want to be text we need to have our own money like cryptocurrencies and then we don't have to be taxed in theory and practice what do you plan for everyone about your witness I intended to help do as much good as I can as a witness I intend to think about or everyone on steam not just the people I agree with not just the people I think you're doing great things on steam I intend as a witness to think about everyone I'm staying even the people are disagreeable everyone in the world...

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