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(Tirthan River ..)

The year 2018 was a pleasant one for my family though lot happened. As most of the festivals seasons, this time we traveled to Himachal Pradesh, a Northern state of India in the Himalayan Ranges.

(Solang Valley)

Steem witness update

One of the things I wanted to test before announcing the primary - secondary plus high availability setup was a "soak" in test for couple of weeks. The witness servers both primary & a secondary with identical configuration but with the same key was let running without intervention for last 2+ weeks. Though I had someone looking for the server load and missed blocks, the servers were left untouched. This gives some confidence in the infrastructure in the new year, I would attempt to get bit more support from the great community to increase visibility of the witness program. Also, the price feed crashed and this will be investigated and fixed ASAP to ensure uptime.

Wishing everyone a peaceful 2019 !

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Great update. Keep the development work going, and i hope you get around to fix the price feed. i am in support


Thank you :-)

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