Witness Update (18/9/2018)

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Yesterday I was halfway trying to upgrade to v0.20.0 when Steem-related services grinded to a halt. That was the beginning of my first emergency experience being a Steem witness. To be honest, it wasn't quite a smooth and intuitive process for me at first. Going through the learning curve I guess. Now I know a little more about the codebase as well.

AFAIK, the problem is with the incompatible post lockout period between v0.19.x and v0.20.0 that forked the chain up, loosely speaking. Good thing there are reliable witnesses to hold the fort, although following the mantra of "don't trust, verify", it certainly took me awhile to make sure it wasn't all a coordinated attack. Maybe I was thinking too much.

giphy (9).gif
Basically what happened. Source

Here's what I did to remedy my situation, in case anyone's interested:-

  • Duplicated the existing blocklog into a reserve and replaced the existing one with a new download.
  • Opened config.ini, searched for checkpoint and inserted the block and hash of interest: checkpoint = [26037575, "018d4d47225e6cada82b9aaabc8503ee318c547c"]
  • git apply these patches on Steem's repo after verifying them the best I can:

a. https://github.com/abitmore/steem/commit/91d9ca782ef0de87015f2d3d14bea4571aa98811.patch
b. https://github.com/abitmore/steem/commit/250e9b96be7080c35220e948e84a9b4b2d255b71.patch
c. https://github.com/abitmore/steem/commit/2e7dca8e9639df6a62429f58a24803978bbc5b7b.patch
d. https://github.com/abitmore/steem/commit/9ef9052e00ddf61dbff6d2a3f1e1a839d3db190e.patch

  • Rebuilt v0.19.12.
  • Replayed the chain.
  • Watched this super duper interesting video while waiting (Source: aoflex):-
  • Chilled out with some music (Source: Ninotchka):-
  • Took a power nap.
  • Signed the pubkey.
  • Now I'm back up running v0.19.12 and looks like it had its first meal of the day a couple of hours ago. Seems alright for the time being.
  • Let me know if I did anything wrong or if I could do anything better. Looking forward to learning the best practices and preparations. Kudos to the witnesses who are helping out with the situation.

    So when HF20?

    Note: By the way, there's a scam / phishing attempt going on the network, read @arcange's post on it: https://steemit.com/steemit/@arcange/phishing-attempts-are-running-and-use-fake-comments-with-images.

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    Obviously... The whatchamacallit and the dodads didn't sync with the chain of the blocks and fuck.... this is confusing haha


    It's okay, all you need to do is HODL


    perfect! HODL is my middle name! haha


    Best summary so far!

    When did you become a witness? just found out through this post.
    I was wondering if steem was under DOS attack but seemed like it was not. hahahaha


    Oh hey @tshering-tamang, I've only started one month ago. Haha it wasn't an attack, just a mistake in a code..


    Cool! :D Voted you for witness.

    Is HF20 has been delayed due to yesterday issue? It looks like they find the issue and working on it, And the amazing was that all the witnesses were working together to resolve the issue, this is brother hood. i like it.


    Not sure if it's delayed, I don't think so


    Definitely hope that it's not delayed, but better safe than sorry.

    It seems the life of steem witness can be very stressed sometimes.
    I have noticed this phishing scam in some posts and have reported few accounts and their comments to @steemcleaners, too.

    If I were in your situation I would have started and stopped with the power nap, so by that metric you did pretty well.


    Haha tbh it felt like a power nap all the way through. But can’t say the same for those actually troubleshooting

    Obviously i've a no knowledge in front of you after all you're witness i can only wish you all the best

    looks like it had its first meal of the day a couple of hours ago

    You guys are really working hard 😦

    This is a cool look into the work of witnesses. Keep the network defended.

    I think only about 50% of people have a vague idea of what has happened including myself :)

    Magnifico forma de expresar un buen post e informativo lastima que mi ingles no sea tan perfecto pero para eso estan los traductores Saludos y mis respetos mi apoyo con mi voto.

    Do you have any idea why Steem auto doesn't work?

    @sufermarly was hacked though, by a crafty hacker, nobody knows which link is real I'm posting in fear and steeming in fear, thanks to @arcange though

    @kevinwong I may not understand the technicalities, but I do understand the commitment you guys put to getting it back up. Thank you and God bless our witnesses

    Thanks to you and the other witnesses for getting us running again so quickly. I'm not sure people appreciate the work you do, but they should.

    many people got trapped in that phishing attempt :( the scammers are on rise


    That sucks, phishing scams are awful

    Thanks for all you do. Good job in defeating this problem we had in the last day or so :)

    Good job witness!

    excellent work as a witness, I send you a lot of good vibes. !! The truth is that many of us are scared with this case, but thanks to you for looking for a quick solution to the problem..!!


    Well, I'm glad we have people like you making sure everything will be okay.. You witnesses are doing a great job, keep it up.. Thanks for the phishing info.

    I definitely know that been a witness is not an easy job, but has you learn more about you will just get better.

    do something hahah that emergency situation is quite difficult

    Glad that you've done an excellent job on it. Thanks!

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    Everyone was appalled during the interruption of the services
    There are those who have cried over their accounts
    There is a lot of sadness because of the interruption
    They thought they had lost the ability to communicate
    But the site steemit has a wonderful <3 <3
    Wonderful publication my friend