Kotji Beach of the West Sea in Korea

in wisdomandjustice •  3 months ago

Kotji Beach is famous for the sun set among the photographers. So I came by the beach with the experienced photographer. It was morning when we rode a car to get there. It took about 3 hours from Seoul.
But it was interesting journey. I heard his professional experience, and realized that nothing could be done without the passion. He was the man of the passion as the photographer.

Anyway, the first place he guided me was the pine tree of the Beach. He explained the best shot of this scene might be one hour later after the sunset. It was not perfect condition for the best shot though, the pine tree along the beach was so wonderful. He told me that the one of the famous photographer in the world photographed this place.



We saw the horse riding along the beach. It looked fantastic. So I took some photos of them.





Finally, it was the climax of that day, the Sun set.
He told me this place was well known among the professional photographers.
The rock and the sunset suited well.




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Very picturesque photos, @slowwalker

I especially liked the horses and the rock against the sunset.
Very talented and professionally selected view is surrounded by stunning scenery.

Thank you for sharing, dear friend!
In your photos there is a soul and they are made with love.
You had good teachers!

And this song is for you )

Lovely photos, my friend.

Water is mysterious - it's not merely one of the four elements, but an ethereal membrane between worlds - we see in reflection an anti-world of shadows.

Your fifth and sixth photos are mono chrome paintings of light and shadow.

Very beautiful, @slowwalker.

Wow... Wonderful place and sunset photo💕..i always love your photography- 📷💕 my dear lovely friend @slowwalker ...💞💞😍💞

Life can be enjoyed in many ways, you are enjoying life by watching the beautiful scenarios of the nature and you are making us your partner by posting the extra ordinary photography. thanks.

@slowwalker, How many hours you stayed in Kotji Beach with photographer? I guess you spend there over 8 hours. Outstanding photo collection you uploaded there. Rock and Sunset clicks so adorable. Mind wanna blowing.

와중에 최소위 의견이 궁굼해지네요 ^^

Fantastic photography @slowwalker it is like a painting and very good to look at. Sunsets really are so fascinating and always captures the attention of people.

las fotografías se ven bellisimas buen tiro hombre

What an amazing stand of trees on the beach, it makes such a wonderful silhouette. I love riding horses on the beach as well, it's so freeing.

I never been in south Korea but i like your photos, especially the ones with the horses.

Amazing photos. It is evident that you have learned a lot from a professional photographer. Especially liked the silhouettes of the rider.

Восхитительные фото. Видно, что Вы многому научились от профессионального фотографа. Особенно понравились силуэты всадника.

Beautiful photographs like not believing in God before this wonder. Regards and my respects my support with my vote.

The color of the sunset is absolutely magnificent. I can see your passion through the pictures you took @slowwalker.

Oooh lovely, where in the world is that, looks so inviting! So calm and harmonic. powerful and peaceful place ❤ awesome lighting, lovely colours in this.
Wonderful composition and capture.

I like your idea to do some pictures of sea side, The coast with pine trees I can imagine why photographers like it, nice straight line of trees and the reflection in shallow water. The horse riders on the beach that is very good for horses, the ground is soft they really enjoy it.

The pictures of the rock and sunset, that is really highlight. It is wonderful that you made series of pictures, like the idea of the first with sun behind the rock, looks like the rock has a holy shine :)

I have never seen such a beauty. Thank you for sharing these pictures with us @slowwalker!

So beautiful! Nice pics!

We have visited this summer, there were a lot of travelers from South Korea and also from Seoul! It's beautiful.