Sunday pizza day!

in weekend •  9 months ago

Sunday out grilling pizza is the best. I always eat too much!


The old perfect flame delivered again.
I’ve also opened some steem monster packs today. Love relaxing on the weekend.

What’s everyone else up to?

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Looks bomb... Pizza, who doesn't love pizza.... I just relaxed pool side yesterday with the fam and relaxed all day at home today... Another fun weekend and now time to get the mindset back for the week ahead and get it......


Big week. Here we come!

where do I get such a pizza?


You would have to come visit me. It’s my special recipe.


I will keep that in mind

man they look good....YUM

Just saw your skyleap avatar looks good!


Thanks man. It gonna be sweet.

Something to try, if you haven't. Use a pizza stone to help disperse the heat even better. Get the stone nice and hot before putting your pizza on it and you'll like the results.

If you really want to step it up you can actually use fire bricks in your grill and put a top piece across. Use something like a slab of marble. By creating this enclosure it's like having a brick oven and the baking happens much more evenly and gives nice browning to the cheese.

The bottom is still your pizza stone with this set up.

I can't seem to find a photo of the set up, but trust me it will take your pizza grilling to the next level.


You sound like a pro! I’ll have to look into this for sure. Thanks for sharing


Pizza is taken very seriously in Chicago! We go on vacation and can't even eat the pizza many places think is's as bad as frozen pizza....heck sometimes I think it actually is frozen pizzas being served. So as a pizza snob I have learned how to make a pretty good Za.

Those pizzas look delicious, good way to spend the weekend


That tasted better 😉