I got about 500 miles out of my vans shoes in 5 months.steemCreated with Sketch.

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Walked this pair into the ground.

I am pretty proud of how far these shoes took me, but even I had to hang this pair up for the last time. 

We live in an age of consumerism and perception. In this case, how I look to everyone else and how some are very quick to judge from it. I have experienced many cultures where one will look just at your shoes. Depending on your footwear, you are judged socioeconomically on the spot and this without even knowing you. It quite frankly amuses me to walk down the street, have eye contact with lady, that as we get closer, she will scan down to my shoes. Wait for it...2...1 the look of horror when they get to my feet and see this:

Like without even a hello or some conversation. I am an instant outcast. I am not broke, far from it, but to see the shear and explicit shallowness of people. They will have nice, flashy and "expensive" shoes and might feel good about the exterior shell for a moment, but I am quite certain most are indebted to pay for their image.  Then at the same time, they will quite easily get upset at a degrading environment and other people's waste. Rather than look at themselves.  

Ok I am might have taken my shoes to the extreme.

but they served a purpose in which it assisted my image with bread. I also bake artisan bread and deliver here in Lobitos. A fishing village on the northern coastal desert track of Peru. I would go barefoot, but there are so many thorns, bits of broken glass etc. Footwear is a must or in this case a rubber sole under my feet. But it reached the point where I went to the market, found a footwear stall that had sandals, buy a pair and walk out wearing them. These vans served me well and I would get another new pair if I could find a cheap retailer. Alas. I cannot. 

Footwear cemetery.

I will find secondary use for these at one point. Something is yet to be salvaged of you. 


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Someone who judges you by your appearance, does not deserve your attention.
Matter in your story, everything you lived wearing your blue tennis shoes. Besides what you say is so true, people who wear expensive shoes, who do not even have to satisfy hunger, but prefer to live on appearances.

I much prefer good, comfortable shoes that last and you wear til the end over pretty or cheap shoes that hurt and fall apart quickly any day! If I was judging you by your shoes, I would think better of you for your worn out sneakers. ;)
Do they not have any place to recycle shoes there?


closest to recycling will be re purposing them for something else. How are you? :) how are the seedlings doing? I got the shoes in TKmaxx in the UK or TJmaxx US for 15 USD. total bargain.


The seedlings are struggling in this heat, but hanging in there! Wow, that is a bargain for shoes that lasted so long!!


I am sure they will be loved and be ok :) well I pushed the shoes to the limit.

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I gotta say, Vans shoes 👟 are pretty strong, they were your walking partners :DD hha, GREETINGS TO YOU my friend