Trying Strange New Things in Mexico! 🌵🚴🍹

in video •  last year

In today's video, we attempt to go biking with a misbehaving husky, eat cactus, and drink fermented corn.


Watch the full video below:

Or, watch it directly on YouTube here

We use this action cam to shoot our videos.


Until next time,
@sharingeverybite (Maddie)
@shenanigator (Jordan)
(and Laska the Siberian Husky)

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 12.10.56 PM.png

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good to see your mexico trip

Hahahahahahaahahahaha I knew it. Laska would never allow it. Hahahahaha. I am sorry but i practically laughed so hard right here when she came right in front of you and forced you to the side and you had to use your leg as support. Hahahaha Laska is playful...she can't do it.

I still struggle to understand this Lime?Lemon thing there in Mexico. They are turning everything i know upside down. Hahahaha, even when someone explained it in the comment section on YouTube to me, i still found it confusing, as some things are there. Imagine the restroom hazard hahahaha. Maybe if they show us the pictures, it might help a little.

Laska? Wagon? Hahahaha you will have no control over this and it won't be nice hahahaha.

Sorry about your head buddy hahaha. Sorry, i laugh too much.

Another great video. Well done guys. I know a lot of hard work went into that.


Oh my gosh, trying to ride a ​bike with her was such a disaster!

There's a huge disagreement on what's a lemon and what's a lime here in Mexico. Never would've thought it'd cause so much debate!

Thanks so much for commenting!


Bike-walking with her must have been akward and frustrating, specially while everyone around you seemed to have no problem with it. Still hilarious, though!

I love nopales!! You have to try the tlacoyos, It is a typical dish of central Mexico, con tortilla de maíz azul y nopales. and a curious fact: most nopales are produced in Mexico City! specifically in Milpa Alta. Saludos! :D


Thanks for the recommendation! I wonder if we can find tlacoyos in Guadalajara? I don't remember seeing it on any menus, but then again, when you don't know a word or aren't looking for it, you're less likely to notice it.


To eat tlacoyos you have to go to central Mexico. If you travel through Mexico, you will realize that the food is changing from state to state, even more towards the southeast. You will surely find tlacoyos in Guadalajara but not as good as in Mexico City. Just as there are no good tortas ahogadas in Mexico City :/

Its great you guys are trying new things here. Yes, indeed "M" is for mujeres not men, "H" would be for men or hombres. Espero se la sigan pasando de lo mejor en Mexico!


why not have only one? all over the world same problem


That would be an elegant solution to it, but I think there are too many social stigmas tho. Thank you for your reply


Very great

What a nice episode featuring Laska! She is a very strong dog! I would definitely not dare taking her biking :)

And eating cactus? I didn't even know this was a thing!


🌵How to eat a cactus...


Oh my gosh! No!! That was hard to watch. Lol


Hahaha :D That doesn't seem to be very good for you! I could feel the pain :D Lol


WTF this is cool


The nopal cactus is actually a staple in the diets of many Mexicans. It's a cheap, abundant, and healthy plant that is eaten with a lot of meals. They typically scrape off all of the thorns and then cut them up into this slices.

As for Laska and biking - never again! Lol

Just noticed your account and now I'm a follower. :-) Looking forward to watch your videos. Do you guys plan to travel somewhere else or stay in Mexico? Sorry in advance if you answered this question before...


Cool, thanks for following along! We'll be in Mexico for a while - we still have a lot more to explore here. But, eventually, we'll probably make it to some other countries.

Hahha really loved to see you guys doing adventure.

You guys have just inspired me. I am coming to USA for the first time next month so I might do something like this and vlog it.
Anything which you would like to advise me as I havn't travelled before?


Hey, thanks for watching! You can't really prepare for everything while traveling, so just be open to new adventures.


Thanks for the reply.

Yes, you have a point there and sometimes the fun lies in the unseen and surprises. I was just trying to be more careful.

Ima do a lot of adventures. Anything which you would like to advice me to do in the states?

Hello friends, otra aventura en mexico con laska, tiene buen apetito, es un paseo genial con laska, je je je, BUEN PROVECHO A TODOS , SU FAN @WENDYTH16


Laska is the one everyone comes to our videos to see ;) Gracias por ver lo!

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Beautiful you have a dog. Is this breed Laika? Is this dog considered to be hunting? You must have had a good rest. And the dog ate what food?


Laska is a Siberian Husky. They're not considered a hunting dog to the best of my knowledge but they are working dogs. Well, I suppose they're "Hunting dogs" in that they have hunting instincts since they're descendants of wolves.

The best way to live is to experience new things, this can be quite scary but it definitely makes things exciting, well done you.

You guys are just having good time and trying differente things, how does that cactus taste your adventure is really interesting as always


There was one part where we were trying pitayas (a fruit from a cactus), and there was another part where Maddie had cactus on her omelet. We talk about what the fruit tasted like in the video. But as for the other (nopal) cactus, it's hard to distinguish a flavor of the cactus.


Thanks for letting us know. I'm not sure what's going on with that.

Hi guys, I just start follow you before not so long time, but I totally love your videos! I love Mexico at all! And also tricks of dog are amazing ;) :D

It is a good post!
Please also look at my lovely camp ♪


what is your post all about?

what a beautiful day that could be for you all. i see you had great fun!!
yes! you tried it in mexico it happened and that life. things do happen even the ones we saw as far fetched

if me to Mexico, me will try to take the following reward

Too much amazing i upvoted you

Nice..good job👍😀

You're so lucky to be able to make a very generous income doing what you do!

Just recording what you do in your life!

That's the goal!

Does anyone have any tips on getting towards that goal?


Luppers :)


that is my ultimate goal. but i can tell you it is quite challenging

This makes me wanna pack my bags and go nomad!!


Just do it :) That's all we can say. Just go for it. People typically regret the adventures they didn't take, not the adventures they did.


You touch my heart with this one @tangerinetravels!!

Wow, amazing @tangerinetravels
I want to try...
Good luck for you..
Have a good day...

i like nopales.Experience everything perfect.

Viva Mexico!

It's nice that you're trying out new things

Nice package I must confess, nice video

Indeed I cant believe You tried this in Mexico :D Thanks for sharing ;)

Enjoying the drink in mexico