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Steemians, good afternoon!

Back again today with another dope kendama trick! The first part of the trick is called Stuntplane, where I catch the ken (part w/ cup and spikes) with the tama (ball) in a downward swing motion. Then I toss the ken out to Lighthouse, where it is balancing with the base cup on the tama. I finish this trick by landing Stuntplane Fasthand, a variation of the beginning part. When I hit the Stuntplane (catching the ken with the tama) I quickly release the tama grip and grab the ken. Fast-hands!

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Stuntplane pilots are not delving into such a maneuver without years of training and exercise.

That fasthand ender was super clean! Love me a good fasthand trick!


Quick hands for da tru fams! Laaaaced

Every time you fail while doing practice,you learn something new.You learn to be stable.You learn to be more firm.Just how we did while riding a bicycle for the first time.


Exactly! You may fall a few times but in the end you find the stability that you need.


See my post and vote my last 3 post and I will upvote you 100% in one hour.... No reply

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