Cruising El Malecón Havana (Part 2) ~ Vehicle Photography Contest

Here are my entries for today´s #vehiclephotography contest hosted by @juliank.

It was a warm humid Havana night with just enough drizzle to scare off the other tourists. That left El Malecon to ourselves. This photo was taken on November 7, 2016 cruising East along the famous El Malecon (Havana Cuba).

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The seawall to the left is where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Gulf of Mexico with Florida (U.S.) about 110 miles north.


Photo Location in Havana, Cuba Click Here

Here is my first #vehiclephotography post on Cuba

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Beautiful picture, like in old movies, beyond the seawall it is so dark, is it because your highway was so lighten up?
I believe you really enjoyed your trip. The vehicle on photograph are they your friends too or just random car on the road?


Thank you. Beyond the seawall is nothing for about 110 miles (Florida Keys). And since there are few who can afford pleasure craft (larger boats), no one is at sea at night. We were able to see lights from the Florida Keys on a clear night. Our friends were in the other car.. good question!

These shots are awesome! Great lines and the exhaust coming out of that 1959 beast from leaded fuel is perfect.


The exhaust reminded me of when we visited the USSR and the middle east in the early 70's. A smell you never forget!

I love the model and make of the car, enjoy your cruising and have fun in El Malecón Havana


Thank you.

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This car is nice. Its interesting photography...God bless you


Thank you.