Celebrating 250 days of Utopian.io & Rejecting Steem Bidbots

in utopian-io •  8 months ago

250 days ago today Utopian.io was born. It was conceived with the intention to create a New Open Source Economy, and facilitate a fair rewarding system that could be integrated in Github and similar Open Source platforms.

Over time, Utopian has changed and evolved both as a platform and organization. However, our goals remain the same: incentivizing stellar quality contributions to open source projects and the Open Source ecosystem.


Having reviewed many thousands of posts, we’ve learned a lot about how we can incentivize and prioritize quality above all. To emphasize that, we’ve integrated a scoring system that may have lowered the quantity of contributions, but has undoubtedly contributed to an overall rise in quality.

Even though rewarding fewer contributions may lead to loss of potential income for Utopian.io, we see the long-term impact of the changes made to Utopian.io incentivization policies as a significant step toward building the Utopian.io that will serve the needs of the Open Source community best.

As we continue to learn and grow, we make sure to stay attentive to you, our community of contributors and open source project owners. Your insights are always welcome, as we strive to reach and empower even more Open Source projects we can introduce to Utopian.io and the Steem blockchain.


Opposing BidBots

Usage of bidbots is not a new topic of discussion in the Steem user community. Utopian.io and other initiatives striving to promote quality content on the blockchain are engaged in constant battle with bidbots that seem to be taking over the blockchain to allow for users to maximize profits on expense of the quality we, moderators, community managers, curators, contributors and genuine curation initiatives fight hard to maintain and promote.

As of today, Utopian.io will no longer incentivize or reward the development or promotion of for-profit Steem bidbots.

Note that Utopian.io will continue to support and incentivize the development of ethical non-profit Steem voting bots, and similar open source initiatives that have clear and convincing policies in place.

In addition, Utopian.io may also exclude contributions upvoted by bidbots from being considered for potential reward.


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Congrats on 250 days of Utopian. Yay! One can easily forget the beginnings of Utopian and that it's been around for some time. It's been evolving and moving toward its initial mission.


Yay! :D

I can't see these so - called 'bid bots' going away as long as there's profit to be made. Most of that goes to those who run them of course. I can appreciate that minnows are desperate for any attention, but a bidding war means you need hundreds of SBD to get in the trending page now. I hardly go there as its useless to me.

I see people compiling alternative trending pages of posts without paid votes. This is something that can be automated and we will probably see sites providing it. There are other ways to game the system, but we should do our best to support good content from genuine people.


This image of truth that made me laugh a lot, made me spend a great night of much laughter hahaha.

Very amazing..

Congratulations on a great milestone guys!!!! More power to utopian!


Thank you ! :)

Here's for 2500 more days of building not only the best app on Steem, but also the best Open Source community out there! I'm incredibly proud of being a part of this movement and I can't wait to see this project grow.

You've made history, @elear. Thank you for making all of us a part of it!

Congratulations on the 250 days and I hope many more days will come!
Utopian, you are the best!!! :)


Congrats to everyone part of the journey, you surely included :)

Congrats on 250 days! I never realised our projects were launched so close together! (We are on 215 days)

That is the right step to take in order to bring an added value to the strong community of Utopian. This choice will not only benefit Utopian as it will get identified as the community that does not support bid-bots but only quality content, but will benefit the whole Steem blockchain. Again, i would like to congratulate @elear and all the utopian team behind this great idea !! keep it up guys with your fantastic work !! And by the way : THAT IS AN AWESOME FOOTER (VERY EYE CATCHY) !!


We love Utopy too! Anyway, thanks for your support.

Long live Utopian! I think we will reach 2500, 5000, 10000 days :)


To infinity and beyond! :P
Thanks @sargoon!

About bidbots, what if someone else (not ourselves) votes our post with a bidbot??
Sometimes happens.

Being there for 250 days is a feat

Happy 250th day to @utopian-io .
@utopian-io is doing wonderfully well to promote and reward open source contribution which is is just beautiful. This is just a humble beginning for @utopian-io which i believe is a step further into the future.

Congrats @utopian-io, More days to come!


Thank you! :)

Congratulations. 250 Days is quite an achievement and I fully support your ideals.
And given the latest news on the GitHub aquistion are you looking into supporting more code repositories or even thinking of starting your own?


Thank you for your support!
We were looking to add more repository hosting sites but this won't change in the short term, maybe in the future. Currently we only support GitHub.

Congratulations. I admire everyone who is creative and always develops new ideas. and those who are constantly working on their projects. Great boys.

I think working to improve the quality of posts is good, but the current moderation system could use some work in my opinion. Ya, there is a scoring system, but it's still at one person's discretion. Sometimes you don't hear anything back, and as far as I'm aware there is no appeal other than hoping the moderator who reviewed your work responds to you to work it out.

Congrats @utopian-io and @elear for such a success of growth. Glad I was there from the the tiny beginning and watched how it evolved to this stage with even greater and stronger development in the future. It's great to be part of this great movement of Open Source Economy.


Each of our members has made Utopian go this far and we will definitely carry on with the intentions of supporting open source movement. We are glad having you and others who help building Utopian.


It's quite cool working with you @espoem :) You have a lot of skills and you get things done and moving in Utopian for sure. Thank you.

Happy 250th. Glad to see our stand towards bid bots.

Utopian is a fantastic project which will definitely attract many developers around the world.

Thank you for all the hard work.

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Congratulations Utopian. 250 days on Steemit and impacted so many users and projects. A better and Stronger Utopian.

Oo wow! How fast time passes, I want to congratulate you for that great job you did well during those 250 days, and now it's coming more days. Would say; Happy 250 days, but since I'm a little late, I'll say; happy 254 days, hahaha. Many successes and blessings. Greetings and a strong psychological hug.