App stops while I try to report any post in tusky for mastodon.

in utopian-io •  last year

Expected behavior

It is expected that app should report any post in any time.

Actual behavior

When I try click on report option wants to report for any post app stops. As we are seeing all other platforms are working properly.

How to reproduce

  • Download app from F-droid
  • install the app
  • open the app
  • then connect with server
  • create an account on tusky for mastodon
  • then verify it in Gmail
  • then login in tusky for mastodon
  • see many posts
  • open any post click on right side on three dots below the post
  • then click on report when I try to report any post app stops.
  • App: Tusky for mastodon v 1.6.1
  • Operating system: mi A1 8.0 "Oreo"

Recording Of The Bug

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the PO has noticed this bug and has been working on it .

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Ok sir now it has been approved or not


oh sorry .we won`t accept duplicate ones .