Simple Video Downloader 3.0.5 - Supporting MSDN and TED !

in utopian-io •  3 months ago

Introducing to Simple Video Downloader

The Video Downloader is a Chrome Extension that helps you save your favorite videos. It can be installed via Chrome Webstore:

Total Number of Current Users


Install on Firefox or other browsers?

It should work, but not fully tested on Firefox via Chrome Extension Foxified

Install Unpacked Versions

Zipped releases:
Download the zip and then you can load unpacked version in Chrome (under development mode)

Changes v3.0.5

Pull Requests Merged:

  1. Add MSDN Parser and Unit Tests
  2. Add TED Parser and Unit Tests
  3. Filtering Duplicate Video URLs
  4. Fix FixURL

Unit Tests

npm run test


npm run build which webpacks the ES6 class ParseVideo into \dist\*js




  1. Use async/await to replace Promise/Then
  2. Fix broken video parser due to video site changes e.g.
  3. Add more unit tests (increase code coverage)
  4. Support vimeo and other video sites
  5. Merge video segments (ts)

VIP Key Exclusive to Utopian

Please note, you can enter the VIP Key which allows you to call the server API in case the client video parser fails locally - this greatly unlocks video parser to many many other video sites.


The KEY is iamutopian

Enjoy and Steem On!

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Thanks for the contribution, @justyy. Since I started working on my own extension it's very interesting to me seeing how others implement theirs. I haven't added any unit tests for mine yet, as to be honest I didn't really have any idea about how to implement them for a browser extension in the first place. I am guessing the HTML files are what are used to test the extension on?

I would recommend using Prettier as there some small inconsistencies (like places where let could be replaced by const) and Prettier will fix those automatically. Was also wondering if there is a reason why you check if the URL's length > 5 twice (here and here) - I feel like I am missing something, haha.

Anyway, I might start doing some research about how to add unit tests to my own extension, thanks for the inspiration! Also, it's definitely no small feat to have 14000+ users, really cool!

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Thanks for the review and yes I'll definitely checkout the Prettier.. To be honest, I am not a front-end developer and I hardly catch up the latest frontend frameworks. I use mocha and chai to unit tests the core JS classes and use webpack to pack the ES6 to something Chrome understands e.g. Chrome extension does not understand require. Yes, you are right with Length>5 - which is obviously a code smell and I'll fix that later.


Thank you for your review, @amosbastian! Keep up the good work!

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