REGISTER NOW - Why Everyone Should Delegate At Least 25 SteemPower to @Steem-UA

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After re-reading the post that I wrote yesterday, I realized that I missed a pretty big opportunity to explain WHY everyone, should delegate at least 25SP to the project.

So I decided to sit down and make the case for why, without question, it's in everyone's best interest to do so. Just before I forget, here are the quick links to delegate to the steem-ua project:

25 SP50 SP100SP250SP

Get Upvoted by @Steem-UA

Steem-UA is a curation service that uses the User Authority algorithm to upvote content. In order to receive an upvote from them, you must register to it through a delegation of at least 25 SteemPower.

The promise of UA is that it is good at recognizing authentic writers and quality content...but in order to prove it, it needs to have the maximum of user registered to it.

Once you are registered, you will get an upvote based on your UA Score(find yours here). The higher your score, the higher the upvote you will receive. The amount of SP that you delegate doesn't impact the percentage of the upvote you will receive, only how many times per week it will upvote your content.

SP DelegationSponsor Benefits & Upvote Frequency
25 SPmax. 1 @steem-ua upvote per week
50 SPmax. 2 @steem-ua upvotes per week
100 SPmax. 4 @steem-ua upvotes per week
250 SPmax. 7 @steem-ua upvotes per week
>= 5,000 SPStake-Based Sponsor Rewards + max. 7 @steem-ua upvotes per week

How to Increase Your UA

The first step is to delegate, the next is to increase your UA. UA is tough to game since it's much more than the raw amount of followers that you's also WHO is following the people that follows you as well as a number of correction to prevent abuse by bots.

Your best bet to increase your UA is:

  • Keep engaging with the community
  • Create great content people want to follow
  • Add value by creating some sort of community, app, events, etc.
  • Run for witness
  • Network on the and the Steem-UA discord
  • etc.

Good News

It seems that certain front-end such as @steempeak are considering the idea of using UA to generate a trending page that is not based on upvote $ alone. By using and engaging on these platforms you will get a better experience as well as better visibility if you are focusing on increasing your own UA. Follow @Steem-UA to know when these projects come into fruition.


I sure hope the whoever you are, you will consider delegating to @steem-ua, even if it's only 25SP. Not only you will get upvotes in return that might exceed your investment but you will also participate in something that might partially solve the issues that Steem faces.


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First read a bit on this project the other day, and intended to delegate at least 250 SP to support its development. Going to do so now! I know relatively little about how the current @steem-ua algorithm is calculated: looking forward to becoming more educated in that area.

I do have my doubts when it comes to building a non-gameable reputation system, but anything is clearly better than the broken pay-to-win system we have presently. I find the idea of building Trending pages off of different parameters a great step forward in solving some of the dilemmas regarding spotlighting excellent content.

Edit: proof of 300 SP delegation is here. I'd encourage others to think about doing the same.


Please how do I do this?

Thanks for this @cryptoctopus...I really love what @steem-ua is doing but I didn't even know they were looking for delegation (must have missed that post). Just delegated 1k SP and will look to increase that over time.


Wow! That's awesome @yabapmatt! You are definitely one of those guys that I want to follow. I admire what you've done with SteemMonster and looking forward to see where this adventure will lead :-)

@cryptoctopus, what do you think the value of a 250 delegate to steem-ua will be? I want to delegate 250 sp.

  1. As more people delegate, the more value goes to people who register
  2. If you write daily you maximize your return on upvotes from UA
  3. Keep writing great content and network with people

I would say you have everything to win from this.

I am impressed. Just did my upvote, resteem and delegation:
Will see how it goes.

I don't have much steem but in the last of this post you mentioned for the future of steem. For that I will delegate 25SP and request others to do so because steem has given us a lot and will work as our future maker. Thanks for introducing such steem projects.

Thanks for this clear explanation! I think I will delegate. Curious to see how this system unfolds. Loving using steempeak lately.

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delegated 50 sp! let's so how this goes!

By the way! 25 SP coming your way!

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awesome :-)


That's awesome man!

Just delegated some steem! Thanks for the heads up!

it is interesting when you say at least 25SP, it's like month of regular posting :D
it looks like an interesting concept, but not sure if it is a solution. the score depends on how many followers you have and if i got it right who is following you (how is their score, and that is an interesting part) but most of the high number of followers accounts are the accounts with high SP and most of the high SP accounts have big $ posts and are in trending. If you see smaller acc in trending that must be really good post or it is paid. so not really sure how much will the trending change.
Would like to see @steempeak do something like that, they are doing great job with the project till now so it has a potential to be good.
Maybe i should try to delegate 25.
And as i am really a noob in all this steem technical part, it could be that i misunderstood it all and completely wrong :D


you have to consider that the current high UA are what they are because of previous incentives. With new rules come new behaviours. Also, witnesses are obviously be the kind of people who have high UA...also other high UA accounts have been working really hard for a very long time.

Also, if someone were to write crap and be in the trending page through upvote bot, it won't translate into followers. If you do the same, but write stellar will.


i missed this UA stuff all together, i am reading about it more right now. it looks that it could be an interesting system, and it could change the "trending" to be better.
For the last part, most of the time you are right. there is a part where people follow regularly high paid posters for the part of curation but it is probably not that high amount.
thanks for sharing this


and sorry for the gloom and doom attitude, i am a bit "steem down" this few days so it reflects :D

Thank you for explaining it clearly.
I just delegater 50 SP. 😊

I believe that @steem-ua will succeed to there platform and find more quality content here in @steemit. More Power!!!

I'm struggling to be a good blogger/writer.
Be patient with me.
I'm trying..

Sorry for the tears...

I have just delegated 50 SP.
So far as I knew and know, this is the best project to delegate SP.
Hoping for your success @steem-ua, @cryptoctopus and the rest of the team!


I guess I have to enjoy now!


nice, think i will eat some !popcorn


Thank you!
I love !popcorn

To be fair I do like the idea behind ua. I think that it's a far better indicator of status than the old ranking system. Having checked my own numbers and finding them a lot lower than expected it has only encouraged me to do a bit more. I've never bought massively from the bots so my rep is still only 58 but in terms of participation I think that my stats should be decent. If some of the new airdrops start taking ua into account then it can only be good news for the people who are really a part of the blockchain rather than just the users.

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Delegating 25.
Love this. Hope it’s the fix we need

@steem-ua seems very interesting. I don't have a lot of Steempower but I will delegate 25 SP to them just to be part of this new Program.

I was going to wait to delegate but your post inspired me to do it faster :P

How much UA score do you need for 1 cent upvote?

Thanks @cryptoctopus for this project and delegation information. After reading your post, I have started with 100 Steem delegation and my best wishes for great success of this new project. Hope @steem-ua will find the way they want.

I will delegate 5000sp to @steem-ua if I have, for now here's 250sp as the max that I can. Thanks for this 2nd post @cryptoctopus, this really convinced me to contribute to its development.

As a curator for the photography community, I believe that UA is beneficial. Browsing through the "trending" or "new" is painstaking.

My UA score is around half of yours now, but I'm geared to increase it overtime (thanks for the advise).
Hopefully UA will be in full implementation soon.

Below is the proof of my delegation :)🍻


Very true and thanks for the delegation

Excellent project - I just delegated 100SP. This is just one of the many innovations that are coming out now to make STEEM rock again!


I'm glad you did! Let's rock this town!

Thanks for the information, This sounds like a great idea.
I just used your link to delegate and try it out!

I can't wait until there are some tutorials on how to better your rep in this new grading scheme

This is cool bro. almost all can delegate 25SP and try how it will really works. If it is beneficial then maybe we can increase our delegation.

I just delegated a 100SP to @steem-ua. Thanks for encouraging us @cryptoctopus. :)

Hi @steem-ua, this looks like a great project. I have delegated 25SP and will tell others in the Vietnamese community! Hopefully this will mean better recognition for users who produce good content

Thank you for your links and explanation.
I am on board and ranking at 1400 ! Not too bad I guess.

If Steemians want to interact on Cryptocurrencies, follow me and let’s chat together.

Take care @cryptoctopus.

I am definitely signing up. Hope to earn more. Thanks.

As always @cryptoctopus thanks for sharing this massive boost for ua.

Every one delegate at least 25 SP you wont regret it as OP stated.

Just delegated some juice to them .

I delegated 25 SP to try this out. I appreciate any efforts to clean up the quality and reduce the amount of bid bot usage and abuse on Steem.

Great idea! I'll try to delegate some SP soon!!

Thanks for the explanation on how and why we should use @steem-ua, @cryptoctopus.

Great news. I must try and see the difference.

Very interesting :)

There is a new trend in streemit where we are relying less on whales and more on the community projects for our daily upvotes. Small delegations to projects that focuses on minnows and help the masses. Power in numbers. @steem-ua just took it all to the next level! Excited to see where this goes!

The only thing that's holding me back from full support is that, if I understand everything correctly, while engagement is encouraged, comments are not part of the algorithm. I personally would hold someone who engages every day users with valuable comments in higher regard than someone who intermingles with whales. With that said, I understand that I may not have all the information and/or the understanding of how difficult that might be to integrate into the algorithm. In any case, any improvement on the current system is welcomed, in my mind.

For those interested in how the current system works, feel free to check out this post as well as the wiki article here.

Hey thanks for sharing your thouhts. Ive been reading many posts supporting this project and want to participate as well. But having problems with steemconnect, they dont recognize my name :(

Brother this great compain and very best of luck keep supporting evey one.

Hello @cryptoctopus I don't have enough steem power to delegate but I have total 3 steemit accounts and the total steem power I have in my 3 account is that :- 20sp+26sp+41sp=87sp

What I can do
(My english is week )

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Love the idea, hope it goes AMAZING!!!


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From My Bot i have delegated 500Sp as well hope it will be used to support the steemians thanks

I am afraid of the word of delegating but now reading this post I will definitely delegating my steem power in future,thank you so much @steemua @cryptoctopus stay healthy☺

We Should Delegate At Least 25 SteemPower to @Steem-UA.
So, as a new user i can't it.
See you again @Steem-UA+ @cryptoctopus

i am delegated 50SP, and promote to chinese steemian.
Thanks for @steem-ua project.

Would like to delegate as well. This is a good opportunity for all the users and to the community. Thank you for the info.
More power and blessings!

@cryptoctopus Believe it or not I checked trending lol
I NEVER look there. I saw this and threw in 25 to help with your movement.
This post was worth you doing, I read your last one and keep going.

We'll see what happens. I wish you much success.

I liked your post. Thanks to you.

Let's see the project then will deligate SP

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Delegation Done @Cryptoctopus , @steem-ua, My best wishes are with you for this project!


Delegating 50 steem power
I want deligate 1k sp?

I would like some more info on those stake based rewards. I hope the project is really distinct from the usual delegation for upvote bots, and not just the old shit hiding behind some fancy math.
I think this project has so much potential especially for the minnows, but sadly there are a lot of people who cannot afford delegating 25 sp. It would be really cool if all people below 100sp with a certain minimum ua could automatically qualify for one upvote a week.

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@cryptoctopus very informative blog. i don't have enough sp but definitely
i will delegate minimum 25 SP to them just to be part of this new Program. can I started with minimum 1sp or not?

Good. I have only 72 SP. But I like to delegate 25 SP. I know that it would be more helpful for me. @cryptoctopus. But I don't create post daily and for that I'm not going to receive upvote from @steem-ua. If I don't create post daily what will happen? May I know?
Thanks for sharing.

Thanks @crhptictopus very well explanation ,. Easy to understand. Delegating 25 sp. Can get you well roi

@cryptoctopus, this post is very informative. I read your previous post about UA as well. I will delegate 25 Steem Power to @steem-ua.

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I want to Delegate too. please help me to do this.

Delegated 250 SP and excited for the future of @steem-ua.

Delegated 50 SP already. I am very curious if this will work as advertised because if it does I will change a lot of the interactions here.

Good and a helpful content for me. I had 25 reputation. and now it has been decreased to 13. what can i Do Sir?

Thanks for this ! upvoted

You got a 96.95% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @cryptoctopus!

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Nice xplaination dude

Thank you for your support, I were delegated 25SP for you!

I need a little help here, I have delegated 50sp, I want to add another 50 but I cant


when you delegate, you delegate in "total". You can't add.


Oh thank you, guess i have to cancel, the redelegate


IF you are doing power down then you cannot delegate steempower

The use of UA looks like a vast improvement over the existing reputation scores that basically serve no purpose because of the distortion created by vote selling. It would be great if steempeak uses this for their trending page. If steempeak makes this transition hopefully steemit will follow.

I am generally very reluctant to delegate my Steem Power. I think I will give @steem-ua a try with a small delegtaion to start with and then see how it goes. Thanks for sharing @cryptoctopus.

Isn't it new form of buying votes? Do I have to delegate to be upvoted? New biddelegationbot.
How is my score calculated? Is it higher than Yours @cryptoctopus? And why?


Hi @mys.

  1. No you can't buy a vote. You delegate in order to be part of their curation. The upvote you will receive is proportional to your UA score.
  2. Know you UA score here: by connecting on Steem Connect. Your ranking is based on 1,000,000 accounts. Go on their account @steem-ua to learn how it works.
  3. Highly unlikely to be higher...I've been here since May 2016

No you can't buy a vote. You delegate in order to be part of their curation

In short; Im delegating to be upvoted by them in the future. Delegation is not free, so it is a buy service. Flexible marketing campaign there.

What should I do to have "higher" score than You? Without the knowledge of scoring algorithm it is a maze. What if they promote specific group of users?

You got a 95.89% upvote from @upme thanks to @cryptoctopus! Send at least 3 SBD or 3 STEEM to get upvote for next round. Delegate STEEM POWER and start earning 100% daily payouts ( no commission ).

great great

Very nice. I like your writing. I want to read more from you.

@cryptoctopus seeing so many people delegating to UA and possible expected return i too delegated 100 SP a while ago. Wish I could have more but out of 1200 i need to keep some for my own curation .
Hope to see some useful return that help me to sustain further on steem.

Thanks for sharing the informative post.

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Hello cryptoctopus.. It's really sound good. Is there any opportunity for me that i can invest here. As my reputation is now only 25, can you pls guide me to achieve success in this community.

Hey thanks for the good information. But please tell me how this works ?
You are a wonderful Steemian and I have followed you from the beginning of my journey.
Looks like this is the fix we needed to get steemit back on track.

100SP Delegated! saw my score and do not have any idea if its good or bad, 3.02 :) either way, very nice system indeed! as a prior cryptologist complex math is interesting even when it is over my head!

Amazing things are happening now a days at steemit. Love to invest in such a great project.

Seems a great project and love too incest in this for sure. Let me gether some steempower first to invest in this great thing.

nice post

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I agree with this! I started delegating towards this project not too long ago and I plan on increasing my support more in the future. I think it's a solid project that could improve this platform while you even get a little extra something in return. I would recommend others to at least check it out. And it's almost a no-brainer if you support the project to at least delegate 25SP toward it especially if you have a lot of disposable SP or looking to get a little ROI for helping improve the platform.

Great idea @cryptoctopus.

I sent a starter delegation of 250 and will monitor how the project progresses.

This could be a major boost to the STEEM blockchain.

I have send 25SP delegation too despite my small beginnings..

Hoping for the best and success of steem-ua! 🍀🍀🍀

Sorry i forgot to mention my delegation, i only remembered it when steem-ua voted 1 of my post. I pretty much shocked and happy!

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Thanks for the info.. I am delegating 25 steem today !!

Delegated 100sp, hope it helps the project. Cheers!

If I delegate 25 sp then what will be the power of vote which i will be receiving?

I figure hell, since I post so much original stuff, why not delegate what I got! 100SP of the 161 or so I have at the moment, (the other delegated elsewhere).

Persistence is key.

I engage consistently and would realllllly love to see Steem as a coin shoot for the moon again, ya know? An as a social platform as well, would love to see it surpass facebook and youturd.. but in time.

Delegating is good option for earning everyday on daily basis , let me go through this option , thank you for this information

It is a huge effort in turning the curation and ecosystem of Steem upside down for good, and for sure! Delegated 250sp to test out how the curation might works. I'm not sure but I guess the algorithm might need a few tweaks before reaching its desired optimum performance. So far so good!

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After reading the full article i really got excited about the project it really seems to be good initially will delegate 25sp and after experiencing it will further delegate more sp.

Hi dear I am really very sorry to say just ask you question! Why did you flag me? Thanks please must answer my question.

Delegated 25 SP. Interested to see how this all plays out. Current UA score of 3.1ish or something.

Just now without giving it a second thought delegated 25SP wish to delegate more after seeing to results. Hope for the best.

Hello sir @cryptoctopus how are you.very excellent post.Thanks @cryptoctopus for the upvote! Much appreciated. thanks for sharing your beautiful life.

Lol I Only Have 15 Steem :D

I completely agree with each and every word here 😄

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Delegated 100 sp to @steem-ua my first genuine investment


just delageted 100sp to steem-ua. See how things go. Thanks

@cryptoctopus I am going bring some investment in Steem on 3rd of September because that day is Steem blast day by @timcliff than will definitely deligate 25 to them because I suffer with same issue when I start steemit I work hard to write but no upvotes no comments. That will also encourage me to start writing again. Thanks for introducing such s great opertunity.
If you like @timcliff idea please try to promote that too his mission is also really good you have big community that's why requesting you.

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25 steem delegated your way .
Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 23.31.14.png

Just blessed @steem-ua with 50SP.

That has been huge recognition over so many communities for @steem-ua and I will try to do at least 25SP, prefer 100SP or more to support this project. I was get to know the reputation system recently and I can link @steem-ua with that, BUT I can see the great potentials here. I better keep myself closed on this. Cheers Mr. @cryptoctopus.

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alright you convinced me..