If this is the world, I am the King!

in turkey •  5 months ago

In Turkey , we would listen to a guy named Mahsun Kırmızıgül, who was singing a song named;

Alem buysa Kral benim! ... (If this is the world, I am the King!) #turkey #arabesk #turks

When you think of it, you find that this applies to all guys on earth. Everyone was born King, is king and will be so probably.

Why? So simple to understand. All people are very precious in the eyes of their parents, lovers and children especially. We are all precious. We are all Kings and queens. This is just one side of it. The other one which was being referred to in the song is related to the decency.
In short in the song it is meant that;
"All the world is a ball (Ball is a slang word for dishonest guys especially! ). I am honest and the others are opposite of what I am."

In Turkish culture to be king is very important. Everybody claims that he is king but I think Mahsun is right when he says that if this world is not worth mentioning in terms of decency but the second premises of his sentence is worth questioning...

So do not be a ball like the World. Be honest and King of the world...

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