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Hi fellow travelers,

The climate up North in Norway around the province of Troms is quite interesting, this time of the year you can go in one hour from a warm sunny beach (20 degrees Celcius) to snowy mountains where it is still possible to ski and temperature was around 5 degrees Celsius. And it isn't even that far of a driving distance, it takes a while to get to the other place because there is no straight flat road for longer than a couple of 100 meters in this part of Norway :)

So, in one day we went from a beachy sunny place called Ersfjord to a colder white landscape somewhere in the middle of Kvaloya, both of them gave me goosebumps. I might just have to go and live here...

There wasn't a lot of wind so I got to use the drone again and all of the pictures are shot with my DJI Spark, which finally allowed me to fly to about 500 meters. It is sort of scary to be up that high, because a lot of the times I get a failed connection reading on my phone and I am scared the drone will just come crashing down from the sky, but so far I have always been able to regain connection and as a result I love some of the images I was able to take. The views from above can grasp the beauty of this environment so much better!

ersfjord senja.jpg

ersfjord senja-5.jpg

ersfjord senja-3.jpg

ersfjord senja-7.jpg

ersfjord senja-6.jpg

ersfjord senja-10.jpg

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Norway is one of the most cleanest cities in Europe, and the northern part is stunning, and your photography too :)

Absolutely stunning shots from the drone and the North of Norway seems to have so many wonders! 😊

The drone shots are awesome. I love the idea of your curation. We have a few vehicles we go off in. Currently a van and a landrover. We have a bus in the garden and an army truck we are doing up as an expedition vehicle maybe.

Seeing all this.. I wish to travel all day, every day..
The road is beautiful looks peace. Nothing more than that peace of mind you have while travelling..
I wish to be like @toocurious when i grow up..


This comment really touched me. I hope with all my heart that you will be able to travel one day. All the best!

Stunning shots! Glad you got your drone back from the skies, so we can see them :))

Wahoo it's Amazing, this is really interesting @toocurious, I believe one day I will travel round the world like you.
@master-minds, love you all.

Came across you guys on your previous post and I've got to say that you're on such an inspiring trip. I love your journey, vision and the fact that you're living and experiencing our world on such beautiful terms.

That said, these shots are amazing! I've been itching to give drones a go myself. The views look spectacular. I'm following for incessant updates and maybe I'll even try and make it to see you this summer when I'm over in Europe!

Really cool drone photos! Thanks!

The real Norway I love! Great shots!

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Really Cool.... Amazing Views from above with drone...
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My love for this country improves on a daily basis, and you have always been the cause. Please, could you help me make some enquires before you left the place for another beautiful country? And I still can't get the link to your discord, I really wanna connect with you.

And, have you seen my full introduction? Please check my blog, you will know more about me there.