Roadtripping Canada - Part 3 - Ask locals what they like most about their country

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Hi people,

So far, we have been traveling sort of based on the advice of locals and this has led us to some very pretty places with some very funny and creative names. Strawberry Point, Function Junction and Furry Creek to name a few. Even the highway has a way more interesting ring to its name than the boring A1 for example, in France. No, here they call it the Sea-to-Sky Highway, who does not drive this road with a smile on his face ;)

Take a note Europe, you can learn a lot from this!

Anyway, this way of traveling had led us to the most beautiful hike we have done here so far: Joffry lakes, three glacier lakes that are tucked away in a huge rainforest. The lowest one sits at an elevation of 1200m and the top one is adding 1600m high. The trail is very well kept and the three of us enjoyed every little bit of it!







Driving-wise it seems there are only two kind of roads in this country; the perfectly build highways or the forest dirt roads. There seems to be nothing in between, which is kind of funny for us, because on the one we can drive the normal maximum speed of 90 km/h and the other, well let's say our speed is topped at 20km/h.



The biggest advantage of these dirt roads is that there are a lot less people driving them and you get to enjoy the quite nature to the fullest once you have parked your van somewhere.


Canada, by the way is also full of campgrounds that are kept by the Canadian government and a lot of them are free of charge :)!

Well, that's it for now, on our way to the Powder Highway and the Rockies!! Excited!


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Love the mirror-effect on the third photo! 😊 Glad to see you're enjoying your time out there!


Yeah, I love that as well! The lakes are so still sometimes and I just always have to take a picture :)

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The glacier lakes are beautiful! The crystal clear water with the snow capped mountains in the background always make for good photos. I hope to make it to Canada someday and visit Moraine Lake. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

One of my dream is to visit Canada. Wonderfull place :) image

It is glaring you guys had a nice time and that's very good. I haven't been to Canada before so the streets name you mentioned sounds funny kind of to me too. I also like the fact that you spot an advantage of a dirt road. It shows how positive you guys are. I hope someday I'll go hiking. Have a good time!

amazing place

Beautiful pictures, which part of Canada was this?
It looks like British Columbia by the tag but I didn’t want to assume. Love the lakes!


Area around Whistler :)


Nice thanks.

muy hermosas fotografias es lugar es muy maravilloso lo que me gusta de mi país es que puedes vivir en distintos lugares con el clima diferente hay selvas desiertos nieve tiene el paquete completo se llama venezuela

What a cool experience! I hope the best for you and your family traveling around. Something I can never get over is the color of the water in Canada​. The blue is just magical! Cheers!


Yes very true, some of the bluest water I have ever seen. Although if you go hike in the summer in the Alps you can find some glacier lakes that are very similar.

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Stunning photos. I'm glad you're enjoying your time here. Canada really is a special place. We're about to leave after 3 years of exploring. Sad times but I shall live vicariously through you guys. Look forward to following along on your adventures!

Canada is so beautiful! Did you get a chance to head up to BC?

the most beautiful place, glad to see it.

Hey I’m your fan from now! I’m excited to see more. Hit the road guys. ☺️