Roadtripping Canada - Part 2 - Beauty and Bears

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Hi y’all,

Our visit to Canada is (like most things we do) not completely planned out. We like to be surprised by unexpected encounters and the biggest purpose of this visit, besides it being our first real holiday in years, is to get a feel of what living here would be like.


The best way to get to know any country or a part of it, is through the eyes of locals and we have a couple of them scattered all over BC, so at the moment we are sort of friend hopping from town to town.


The first stop after Vancouver was Squamish, where we met up with Matt and Katie, who are currently running an ice cream truck. Something that has started out as a test has now turned into a full grown business. They use only local products and fresh fruits to make their ice cream and you can really taste it!! It is simply delicious, as Fenna says. The town itself is pretty small, surrounded by huge mountains and there are many spots to climb or hike. Definitely a place to return to.


After Squamish we went to Whistler, where Brett showed us around the different areas of probably the richest part of Canada. The main village is sort of a Disney world for adults and is in a shear contrast to some of the surrounding parts. There are a couple of very well kept lakes and provincial parks with beautiful waterfalls.


We spend a couple of days and on day one we spotted a black bear from a ski lift. On day two another bear dropped by in the garden of Brett's house!! Never seen such an animal so close by without it being surrounded by a fence. Powerful!


To make our Whistler experience complete we had some real Poutine and a Ceaser! Highly recommended!



Tomorrow we are going back to the wild and take Fenna on our first hike in this incredible country.

More to come, soon :)

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Gotta love the aerial views!

Traveling is one thing I enjoy, seeing different people with different with different faces and most of all making new friends outside your own country, boss @toocurious enjoy your journey.

OMG!!!! Those fries look delicious😋. French fries are my weakness!

Looks awesome - that drink looks incredible!! What' s poutine and caesar, though?

Wow - that black bear!! Intimating and beautiful.


Poutine, is a plate of French fries with melted cheese and gravy. Not the healthiest.. but so good ;)

Ceaser is a bloody Mary Canadian style, same comment as the Poutin..


Well, I'd kill for both of those right now, bar the cheese - I do love lashings of gravy though. Chips and gravy were what I totally craved when pregnant!

Well done to Matt and Katie for testing out their idea and now it's not only their passion, but their business and source of income!

Some beautiful shots of Canada's natural beauty!

it is like a dream travel at the world

Incredible photographs! Hope it was a great trip. 🐓🐓