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This pictures here were taken at Chichen-Itza. In English, it means the mouth of the well of the wizard. This is also an historic place in Mexico. It is a 2 hours drive by road from Cancun town.
It has some historic stories in which the inhabitant carved stones in building the pyramids. The native people are the Maya tribe. Also, there are cenotes (water well) which served as a source of water for the Maya. Some of the pyramids have been rebuilt so as to preserve the historic nature of the place.

The story was illustrated to us and made real by a tour-guide.
Feed your eyes with the pictures below. I hope you do enjoy it.


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I love those pictures. How lovely!


they are. Thanks @polyn2057

All I see is you.... Chocolate eye candy.


Lol. Thanks @doris-adioha :)