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Hey there lovely peeps! Hope that you had an amazing weekend.

Today we are taking you to yet another travel journey going from Amman to Wadi Musa (nearby town to the worlds famous Petra). If you are visiting Jordan - there is one big reason - to see one of the 7 New Wonders of the worlds. The ancient Nabatean city of Petra. Thus, we wanted to share a bit of useful travel information to whom ever is traveling to Jordan.

There is mainly 3 option on how to get to Petra from Amman (4 if you are driving your own car/rental car - but then you probably have an idea about that).

  • Public bus - Jett bus. Costs 11 JD (or 18 JD for a round trip). Goes from the bus stop next to the Hilton hotel. Downside - goes only once a day at 6:30 am. Have AC and comfy seats.
  • Public mini vans - costs 7 JD (might vary due to increasing gas prices). Goes from South bus terminal. Cheapest option, leaves several times a day but only once full (we had to wait for around 30 mins to get the van full - and its low season now). Pretty comfortable ride, wide seats (Kris is 1.90m tall).
  • Taxi - anything from 40-60 JD depends on your negations skills or hotel at which you are staying. If travelling with 3 other travellers might be the best option to go. Faster and leaves whenever you are ready.

In the next video we are taking you inside the famous Petra and gonna show you all the ins and outs, all the scams and traps that you should avoid. Thus, make sure that you follow our channel if you do not wanna miss out on that. It’s gonna be so cool.

Let us know if you liked this vlog and would love to see more these kind of vlogs!

Love you all!

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Awesome! Thank you @resseller for including us in your show! Cheers brother! ;)

so helpful. liked the cam you used to shoot that photo. what cam iused?


oh thank you. it means a lot to us that you are valuing our content. Cheers! Currently we are using Sony A7R mark II - with 24mm f2 lens. such an awesome camera. would strongly recommend to anyone! ;)

Very well produced! I really like the style of your video here. I will be sure to keep an eye out for future videos. Subscribed. Please stop by my channel and show some love too :)


Hey there! Thanks for stopping by and taking your time to watch our video! Means a world to us! Cheers. Yea, new videos coming out soon. Just a bit busy right now. But will make it up to you! hehe CHeers! ;)

That exhausting but pleasant journey that I saw from your trip to Amman. I really enjoy your video, you are very happy there.


Yea, thank you so much for your comments. You always are supporting us! ;) thanks and have an awesome weekend! ;) Cheers!


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