The benefit to renting a car in LA 👍🚗

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Our visit to LA last week was amazing! We saw so much, ate at some incredible places, and even saw the odd celebrity! Playing tourist is pretty easy to do. The city is catered to accommodate out-of-towners - tours for pretty much anything, a user-friendly metro system (for the most part!), and lyft and uber drivers at your disposal. If you wanted to you could easily get by without renting a car, and considering the traffic in LA this seemed like a win-win. However, when a family member told us to make sure that we rent a car we were surprised! Why?! Well if you're wanting to see places outside of LA (Malibu, Laguna Beach, Long Beach, Santa Barbara, etc), then you're definitely going to need some wheels.

If you're going to stick to the core of LA, then my biggest recommendation is to use LYFT! Lyft is like Uber and all you need is an app and a credit card to order a ride through your phone. You input your pick-up location and final destination and it will send you a quote of how much $ it will cost. This number will almost always be significantly cheaper than taking a cab. We were quoted almost $50 USD from a taxi company to get us from the LAX to our downtown hotel, and Lyft quoted is $34. See? A huge difference. We used Lyft for a lot of our visit, but we also decided to rent a car for a day. In hindsight I'd rent one for 2 days and see a lot more. We rented from Midway Car Rentals in Santa Monica and it was the easiest car rental company I've ever worked with! Pick your car - anything from a Toyota Corolla ($30 a day) to a Lamborghini ($1000-$2000 a day), sign a pretty standard contract, and then you're on your way! We were in and out of there in 15 minutes.

We drove up to Malibu for a good part of the day and just enjoyed exploring the area. The gorgeous houses right on the beach that you see in movies? A lot of them are gated and inaccessible, but some are right near public beaches. And a lot of the houses are up in the hills as well. The views from up there are incredible and I'm already picturing me floating in my infinity pool taking it all in! With that said, my hubby and I had a hard time deciding whether we would want a home in the hills or right on the beach. What would you do?!?!?! I would honestly like to know everyone's thoughts on the pros and cons of each. I think I'm leaning more towards up in the hills but I'm torn! Thoughts?!

Malibu beach walk...



We also made sure to drive up to the Griffith Observatory. The views from up here are stunning! You can see almost all of LA, as well as the Hollywood sign. :)




Aside from these two places, we also drove through Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, all through Sunset Blvd, etc. Renting a car was definitely something we would do again.

Have any of you been to LA? What were your favourite things to do? I've already started a list of things I want to do on our next visit down there so I would love to hear other recommendations! ;)

Thanks for reading and for all of your support! Don't forget to vote and follow me for more wine and travel posts! ❤️❤️

Jen 🍷


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I love LA!

Indifferent fare happen here as welll in India the normal cabs charges more whereas uber/ola have reasonable rate......good to get insight......steem on!

I think renting a car for your needed runs around the city can be a less stressful task and it sure sounds convenient rather than the taxi, so I'll say its cool and as for me I'll prefer to rent a car as well.