Meeting some idols 😁

in travel •  11 months ago

Ok so maybe I didn't meet them in person,

but I got pretty giddy on our visit to LA last week when I found these stars on the Walk of Fame! With the crowds of people around getting a picture with a star is actually pretty tricky to do, but to see these few it was worth it...


Ellen Degeneres and Jennifer Aniston


Debra Messing! I have literally seen the entire SERIES of Will & Grace at least 6 times. Not embarrassed. 👸


All I wanted to do was clean his star!!! I feel like that could easily be a job for someone. Sorry Elton :(

Make sure you visit the Walk of Fame at least once in your life. BUT REMEMBER, there are blocks and blocks and blocks of stars to see. My recommendation if you go is to make a list of celebrities that you want to see and google where to find them. This will make your day so much easier!

Thanks for reading!

Jen 🍷

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thats once in a lifetime experience to walk in the walk of fame. You are lucky enough you'd be there, many of us wanted to go there but to no avail, lol

Fun, I've walked that also. It's nice to travel.
I found Hollywood a little run down and needs some attention. And the homeless youth were really in abundance. I hope they can get creative and help them live better lives.....
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I am sure you have a blast of fun when you visit the area. Enjoy!

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