COVID-19 California USA Lockdown Update

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Hello from San Jose, California, USA!

We are on official Day 7 of the lockdown. First order was from the county and a few days ago the Governor ordered the "shelter in place" for the entire state of California. We are ordered to stay home and all non-essential businesses are closed. We are still allowed to go to the doctors, get groceries, etc.

My partner is working from home and many of my family members are either on paid leave or currently/temporarily unemployed. Unemployment in California is really high, but they have halted all unemployment statistics because of big agendas (it's always that isn't it). Colleges are all online now and schools are announced that they are off for pretty much the rest of the current school year, till summer. Things are nuts.

All events have been postponed or cancelled, even events as far as June. I have a cruise booked for July going to Alaska, but I'm not getting my hopes up for that. Everything is so fragile and fluid right now.

We are down to our last roll of paper towel and 1 large pack of toilet paper. Eek. Going to have to hit up my tp dealer soon. Hopefully stores restock soon. Most grocery stores have been wiped of protein, ESPECIALLY chicken. I'm guessing because it's the cheapest. We have been cooking at home a lot as well, so has friends and family and everyone on social media.

Toilet paper and paper towel have become a real commodity here. I don't understand why people hoard, but then again, people are stupid.

Good news! Grocery stores have allowed the first hour to serve only seniors, immune-compromised, pregnant people, etc.

It's not hard to stay home, but I think it's most difficult for young people and teenagers, especially teenagers. They do not get the severity of the situation. I had a big, long talk with my 2 younger kids (brother and cousin), one 17 and the other 19. I wanted to strangle them.

One of California's county (Marin) has also started to ban public parks as people just don't listen. Is it horrible for me to think that humans deserve this? They are ignorant and selfish. Anyways, I hope all those that are sane and competent are safe and healthy, wherever in the world you are. Keep yourself healthy and happy as well as protect your family.

I came back from Las Vegas on March 8th. Yesterday was my 14th day mark. I don't have any symptoms, so hopefully I am not a carrier and can't pass it on.

All the best,

Also please share with me where you are from and what's the update with all this virus shenanigan!


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