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in travel •  3 months ago

I had visited Magok-sa temple several times before, but seeing this strange storage was first time in this visit.
It was not special storage at first glance, but suddenly I noticed that there was no stairs in the storage.
I could not find the entrance.


So I walked around it, and finally I could find strange wooden things.
It could be told as a ladder or stairways.
It was strange why they made such a strange inconvenient steps.
How could they maintain the balance on such an inconvenient stairways.



There were projected wooden part on the wall sustaining the ladders.
It looked like inconvenient though, it seemed they could move the ladders easily from here to there.


If they remove the ladders, then it would be very difficult to steal stored things.
Anyway it was strange but interesting architecture.

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Interesting. Person need a proper attention and balance to climb on it.

It is awesome art

I love making a house made of wood... Really lovely photography

Hermoso lugar, un poco extraño, pero es muy bueno que nos muestres todas esas bellas fotos de cada lugar, es como pasear contigo y visitar cada sitio, así sea raro y tenga escaleras extrañas jajaj.
Saludos desde Venezuela.
Beautiful place, a little strange, but it's very good that you show us all those beautiful pictures of each place, it's like walking with you and visiting each place, even if it's weird and has strange stairs ha ha ha.
Greetings from Venezuela. @slowwalker

That actually is a good idea. Removable stairs to keep your belongings safe.

That building is made of just wooden beams the color of wood suggests htat they are solid wood made and the ladder pieces not like we know two connected together but separate for both legs. That is funny but I can imagine that they had no balance in the past as it was only known ladder type. Like this way of buildings, actually I love wooden houses and solid wood furniture :)


yes, wooden building is beautiful

What a art....
It is so beautiful..

I don't know how you get to visit all these awesome timeless places but I am sure glad you chose to share them here.

Beautiful structure. It's amazing that in ancient times they came up with such an original way of fighting thieves)

I absolutely love wooden houses and structures 😍 and that temples looks so beautiful, wonderful place!

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@slowwalker you have to be very sly in the way you have access to the temple...............

very amazing the wooden house ,thanks for sharing .

Looks a bit dangerous, but definitely safe from thieves. :-)

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How beautiful!

It is always good to catch up the historical spots from your post. Proud of your persistance on writing about history. Thank for sharing

Those stairs look a bit dangerous. But an interesting concept thank you

@slowwalker, I have found Korean temples has most memorable buildings and stone stupas. Fist time I see storage in Magok-sa temple.

It was strange why they made such a strange inconvenient steps.
How could they maintain the balance on such an inconvenient stairways.

Of course,, I'm also wondering to see that stairways.Yep...sure amazing architecture techniques indeed. I love those photography and around the environment. Thanks your description.

Actually those stairs are very uncomfortable, you have to have a very good balance to walk through them... Although it is an effective method so that they do not steal anything since when removing the stairs you can not climb unless you can walk the walls . 😁

I think that in Latin America, where crime is very strong, we should build this type of architecture, although in my case I would always fall because of those stairs. 😅


It would be a bit shameful 😊

Not the easiest climb!

It is amazing how clever they do with that storage house with that ladder @slowwalker and it is also really hard for that ladder to be put there too as an added safety for the stored things in that house.