The Scenery near the Beach on the West Sea, Korea

in travel •  3 months ago

In this posting, I’d like to show you the pictures I took on the beach
The beach is located near the port in the name of Daeya, small fishing port of the West Sea.
What I focused at first was the mud and its scenery. The mud on the beach probably looked dirty, but it is the origin place of the life. But now it is under the destruction, there are lots of scars on the mud and the sea.






I tried to take these images from various point of view to express the tragedy, but it seemed not so successful. Photography is not an easy job.

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hi. @slowwalker nice to meet you
Also you are right about one thing photography not easy really for one photographer when he capture he need deep concentrate for capture one perfect photography.
Anways i deeply seen your all photos all effect are really awesome Sir.
Thank you so much sir for sharing your work with us.
Biggest love for you.

Have a nice day....

Wow.... Great post and awesome photo, my dear lovely friend.@slowwalker .... I love you photography 💕💞💞💞😍

Is this Oil polution?
Or what is the point
you are trying to make?
Save travels ;)

Very good post I love the photos

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Seems like you are enjoying there beautiful captures from there nice to see :D

Great photos. Each photo in its own beautiful. Especially the second, third and fourth.

Thanks again for sharing some lovely photos and bringing great content to the #Steem Blockchain.

Always my pleasure to share your content on twitter for my followers to see and read.

Have a great weekend.


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The Scenery near the Beach on the West Sea, Korea. #steem #steemtalent #JoinSteemit #steemit

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If the picture is not like a picture, then the picture does not work. Photographing is a matter of skill, this skill does not work in everyone, making a photo is really a matter, but it is not possible for everyone to explain what you are trying to highlight through the picture. If you can explain the picture with the photo, he can be called the right photographer. Thank you very much.

I thought you are great photographer.I loved your photography. Your beach views photography is awesome. I hope all are supported the views is awesome

@slowwalker, Yep I agree, photography is not easy job. We want to give best imagine through our photography. I looked you already given big value for your photography field. You focused perfect scenery to steemians. Those B&W images showing some disaster of Beach on the West Sea in Korea.

Even there is an environmental damage, there is still beauty as expressed through your photography.

wow ... the picture is very beautiful and photography is very good..

You did a good job of capturing the debris and hopefully it is photos like this that can help raise awareness of the problem.

You have a talent for finding great scenes to photograph. ❤ The photo light is soft and viewing angle well choose, wonderful landscape and a magnificent capture! Love your photography style.

You are right my friend, photography is not easy job because it represents the real theme, your photography is excellent, we can understand the reality of the scenario very well, thanks.

Typical appearance of place where the human being was, we like to leave our prints sometimes they are amazingly beautiful and creative with our heart and love but sometimes they are terrific and it seems like we, people living this time destroy more then preserve. It is good to show this side of medal too!

Cool shots

It looks more challenging for beginners like me. I made my introductory post following you sir.

Very sad to see all of the pollution!!! What a shame.

great scenes for photography! did you encounter any sea creatures? :D

Todo hermoso me gusta el imágenen

Very sad to see all of the pollution!