The Real Face of the Future Buddha 'Mireuk' in Daejo-sa temple

in travel •  4 months ago

In this posting, I’d like to introduce the statue of Mireuk, the future Buddha, of Daejo-sa temple.
The statue was located in the behind of the main hall of this temple.

In this posting, I’d like to introduce the statue of Mireuk, the future Buddha, of Daejo-sa temple.

The statue stood to the different direction from the main building. In my view, the direction the statue was looking at seemed a hidden secret. But I could not ask this secret to somebody. So I need to come by this temple once more.



The face of the statue was so much similar to that of Korean people. Especially the eyes were as same as Koreans'



There was a pine tree over the head of the statue like the umbrella.



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impressive and expressive at the same time ... Beautiful statue.

Yeah those eyes are very much similar to Korean's eyes! One more thing, what is the stone that used in eyes and forehead! I think they are precious, coz I heard my country also, precious stones were used with these statue eyes! But relic hunters stolen them!
Nice photography and look forward to see more of them! Thank you!


I always get the feeling of exploration the moment I click open your post. All you’ve ever done was expose everyone that comes to your page to the interesting culture and tradition of some part of the world . You’re very much appreciated old friend. Crystal clear pictures I must confess, beautiful pictures

Aww... dear lovely friend @slowwalker... I always love your photography..
Awesome photoshoot...😱💞💞💕💞

You are post are always informative....and these shots are excellent

The statue and the environment is giving me the impression of serenity. Again, thank you for showing the beauty of Korea through your blog.

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@slowwalker, Well introduction about the future Buddha, of Daejo-sa temple. It's pretty amazing and shown Koreans proud of architecture. Massive trees around the Buddha statue given big shade. Yep....Statue's eyes very equal to Korean's eyes. I really like to stay there. Prefect photo clicks and well description again. Thanks.

I think the statue’ face looks like a mix between Korean and Chinese.

feel so peaceful looking at these pictures....

the character of the statue is extraordinary, on the statue there is a white gemstone, is it an original stone.

Excellent @slowwalker, in its previous publication, we had not been able to appreciate the Buddha stone, because it was in maintenance. Now I am surprised with the photos taken of this majestic monument, very good job, thanks for the virtual tour

Interesting that this statue has not been affected by the influence of weather, very beautiful with the pinn tree landscape!

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Thanks again for sharing some great photos from Korea.

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I like these buddha faces sculptures, the expression is so calm

buddha temple is very incredible sir,great work sir @slowwalker

Asome photography..🙌

I have seen this status in some pictures. I feel the Koreans have depicted their culture in this statue. The head seems to be very unique, I am sure there must be some significance to it.

Wowww nice 😊 thank you for sharing @slowwalker

Seeing the size of statue I am wondering what was first a stone on that place and then the statue was carved from the stone or was it created stone by stone and then erected. The size a huge, especially when you see the human figure on a hill behind the statue. I like the way the face is done, it is indeed carries the feature of Korean people and those little stones decorating the statue, are they also so old? I believe the trees were planted much later but now overgrown the statue too.