Songgwangsa Temple In Suncheon

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Each temple has it’s own meaning and symbol in Korean Buddhism.

There are tri gem (triratna) in Buddhism, Buddha, Teachings and monk, which consist of Buddhism.

Songgwangsa temple have been represented “Monks” among triratna in Korean Buudhism.

Monk Beopjeong who I introduced you as one of the most prominent master in Korean society, became a monk in this temple.

I had visited this temple several times until now.
When I got to the temple this time, it began to rain.

When I arrived at the temple, the large size of main entrance gate waited for me



Passing through the main entrance gate, I walked along the stream to the temple.




The scenery along the stream was so awesome.

The atmosphere the rain made seemed to make me feel comfortable.
And the fog made the scenery mysterious.


I felt calm and tranquility while walking to the temple.

On the way to the temple, I took several scenes as below.




Finally I arrived at the temple.

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I wish also that I could get to visit that temple @slowwalker and view the beautiful scenery as I trail along that stream and feel for myself the location which it seems refreshing to the body.


Thank you my friend

Beautiful and green temple. Just amazing and breathtaking.

great job and the scenery is really beautiful , thanks for sharing .

Buena información



thank you for your generosity-you are very kind-provided much encouragement in a time of need-wont forget this

Goood photo

That's interesting @slowwalker...
What's the difference between Korean Buddhism and Thai Buddhism?
Thanks and best regards Tom


Good question, i would want to hear the answer too.


yeah, and a picture of the temple would be nice, too

What a majestic and calmfull photos. Thak you for sharing. :)

nice palace and good photography

Wow, that's a beautiful natural panorama. But I confused his temple where @slowwalker hehehe? Go to no temple have a picture of the temple.

A great effort, as are all! Thank you..II have a post up, I think you'll find interesting..of course..on a market prediction!! thanks..

Your post are vary beautiful....
Thanks for post....


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It looks like a very long way to the temple and I don't see a lot of people going in there. I guess temple should really be a quiet and peaceful place.

looks like an adventure and a great escape from the city life, a time to relax and rejuvinate as you learn from the great monks, love the scenery too, nature make me feel relaxed

Absolutely stunning! How wonderful is the architecture!

who made these sculptural groups? Your job? :-)

I can't wait for the day that I'm able to visit there and see all the great Korean Buddhist Temples. The natural surroundings are magnificent. Wow!


welcome anytime, dude

I love the scenery, the beautiful nature makes me feel relaxed. @slowwalker


wow very nice photography

images (2).jpg


it looks really great

What I really admire in most temples is the architectural design and the location it is built in.


Yes you are right

These are such lovely pics, I regret not visiting more temples during my travels.

The Gate at the Entrance is indeed Grand :)
The view of the lake made it even more amazing

The fog made it like it was winter ;)

The natural beauty of the Temple is indeed very fascinating.


Thank you

You takes pictures very well.
Sometimes I miss the rice I eat at the temple.

i real like traveling but I have no conditions to go, I like to explore new lands, new cultures. It may take a long time before I can go. I like the things you share, it's really new about Korea,
@slowwalker The picture is very beautiful, it is the beauty of nature, like my country


Thank you for your comment.
Any time you will visit Korea.
I wish your remember my posting when you step by Korea

Such an incredible place to be..its so useful and thanks @slowwalker

a very memorable trip, and be the most beautiful moment, hopefully your journey is always successful, success for you @slowwalker

its such amazing scene. Thanks for sharing the awesum pictures

Beautiful pictures. This place is so peaceful. I noticed the pyramids of stones in one of the photos. It is a symbol of peace and harmony. Indeed, these feelings awakens your photo story. And I especially liked the photo of the landscape in the fog. Amazing shot!


Yes, exactly you are right, the pyramid means the hope and the wishes of the peace

The atmosphere is very cool and I can see it from the photos you share. definitely your trip is great fun @slowwalker

mossy stones, very natural

한국 3대 사찰 해인사,통도사,송광사 중에
순천 송광사군요...
불행하게도 송광사는 못가밧습니다 ㅠㅠ

정말 그 유구한 역사와 크기에 놀랐습니다^^*

really awesome place...this is very beautiful photography.thanks for sharing.resteem done @slowwalker...

wonderful place excellent pic speak for themselves. good job

Now I know what I watch in movie are all real. The weather was just right for you to wonder and probably ask question. So beautiful

I just want to say, thanks for all of your great posts.

And each temple is the most peaceful and sacred place. God bless you.

Korea has definitely beautiful architecture and nature !!!!

Its so beautiful.... so green and refreshing. Good for meditation. This is the firstvtime i knew that temple design has a meaning. Thanks for the info.

amazing post and wonderful photos thank you for sharing

Hi sir @slowwalker ..
I was very impressed when I saw the scenery around Songgwangsa Temple in Suncheon, and the streets before getting to the temple .. it looks very natural and beautiful .. full of beautiful forest.

Thank you very much sir ..

Successful always for you.


Thank you so much

woooo ... A very beautiful Photography @slowwalker, I am your best fan, I am very happy when you make a post that there is always a beautiful motivation, your photos deserve to be appreciated

Wow!! Very cool!

처음 방문했는데 멋지십니다.
그리고 감사합니다

When visiting the ancient temples, we will feel very comfortable and peaceful. thanks @slowwalker somuch to upvoted my post.

Awesome. Majestic. The earth gives us so many landscapes. A privilege to be there. Admirable. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

Perfect click

the scenery is very beautiful at all ....

What beautiful photos, seeing them allows me to transport myself to that beautiful place, those trees, that impeccable architecture, I love these photos.
now it would be a pleasure for you to see my photos, I am a beginner in the field, so I would love your opinion on my work.

'Triratna' is a Sanskrit word which means 3 Gems. Buddhism amidst the beautiful surroundings will truly give you a peace of mind.

I have your vote, the funds how? @zuhrafriska


The journey to the temple is really beautiful along the way there is a river full of rocks and trees ..

wow this place was so beautiful! Very interesting ill add this on my bucketlist when I go to korea thank you very much for this post! :) @slowwalker

The water is very clear, we have to keep the beautiful nature @slowwalker😍😍

What a beautiful landscape friend, very good pictures

시간이 멈춘것 같네요
좋은 사진 잘 보고 갑니다.

Great pictures that makes you feel that you are walking there with you! The scenery is awesome, another place to add to my #bucketlist
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Congratulations @slowwalker!
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It's a beautiful country!

“The path through tradition will always lead us to the past.”


Inspiration from photo

wonderful pictures thank you for this post i really enjoy it

Photos very Beautiful, Super photos, thanks

absolutely breathtaking, you have an amazing eye for shots!

My granny once told me about the temple
Songgwangsa Temple is located on the west side of Jogyesan Mountain, and is a very famous temple in Korea with many monks1954563_image2_1.jpg

These photos are absolute beauty. I do wish you could’ve posted more pics of the temple itself though, as ancient buildings in Asian countries can be the most beautiful ever constructed. Nevertheless gorgeous photos & an insightful post overall.

Good post. I love it.

What a nice way to travel so far and feel it so close! Thanks a a lot @slowwalker

Your pictures are beautiful, I'm excited to read more of your stuff. I will mostly be posting of travel also :)

beautiful, nice place^^

the nature images remind me of parts of north Carolina i have visited years ago they had some of the most beautiful rivers and forest areas i had ever seen from a guy that never got to venture outside of Florida and some parts of Georgia for the majority of my life.
the large contrast of jutting and smooth rocks with beds of leaves and lush colorful trees is 1 of the things i remember most. some parts of Kentucky namely the mammoth cave areas also had some similar lovely nature scenes.
i hope that some day i can visit many other places with diverse natural sceneries as i am absolutely an environmental artist at heart and nature calls me to witness its ever changing landscapes.

Very large gate! It was really beautifully designed.

I absolutely agree with you, the scenery along the stream was so awesome indeed. The green trees and the stream look refreshing… The fog makes the scenery looks so cool…. Really beautiful nature! You took great photos of them. ;)

I am reading your newest posts. You have introduced many places in Korea! Thank you for such a good post about a lot of things of Korea :D I hope to see more of them. Followed and Upvoted!

Korea is my dream destination.

Very lovely photo and nice peaceful place. Why do they put these small stones on top of each other?


Someone seemed to make the stone tower


OK! I see them in some photos related to meditation or yoga, so I thought it be a ritual. Thank you :)

Great photo. The gates to the temple are really huge. Good luck to you and Love.

Отличные фото. Врата в храм по- настоящему огромны. Удачи Вам и Любви.

Your post is rich ,wonderful photos