Secret of The Gates in Magok-sa Temple

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I have visited Magok-sa temple several times until now. In this time I found out the small secret of the gates of this temple.

As I had posted before, there was the order of the gates in the temple.
The first gate must be the one pillar gate indicating us “You are entering into the temple area”
The second gate is the 4 Heaven Kings protecting the periphery of the Buddhist paradise.
The third gate is the Geumgang gate protecting Buddha and his teachings.
The last gate is the Haetal man gate standing in front of the main hall of the temple, usually Daewung-geon.

Even though I had visited this temple several times before, I didn’t notice the order of the gate was changed.
The first gate was the one pillar gate, but the second gate was the Haetal man gate. And there was a woman praying in the Gate.


It used to be the 4 Heaven kings gate. Haetal mun is the last gate normally. And there was no Geumgang gate in this temple. But instead of Geumgang gate, the statues of Geumgangs were stood in the Haetal mun gate.

Interesting thing is Both Geumgang statues close their mouth. Usually one Geumgang warrior closes his mouth and the other Geumgang warrior opens his mouth. It is the sign of the begin and the end. But they are closing their mouth. It could be interpreted there are only the end without the begin. Does it make any sense ?

The other thing is Both gates of the Haetal and the 4 Heaven Kings are standing along the slightly different angles. Or both gate are not on the straight line. Usually in oriental society, especially in Buddhism, the straight line is not preferred to the curved line. Because of not straight arrangement of the gates, the road between the gates are curved slightly. It could be said the secret of the gates.



The autumn leaves between the gates were splendid


And the small piled stone stupas were on the ground between the both gates.


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i have never seen so beautiful autumn leaves , you did a great job @slowwalker. thanks .

A very beautiful building and the colors are magic)

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Very nice environment, a place for people to impress the mind... My,dear lovely friend @slowwalker....💕 really i like your photoshoot and post 📪 💞💕💞💕💞💞

the colors of autumn are beautiful ..

I always forget to follow, but often stumble across your posts in the general feeds. I love 'em because I lived in Korea for 2 years (Bucheon & Anyang) and pretty much travelled every single weekend with hiking groups and such to every corner possible.

For sure my favourite spots were 속초, 진주 and 거제도 , but there are so many amazing memories, from that 탑사 temple, to 진도 island and its dogs, Buddha's birthday festivals , 추석, floating lantern festivals, barbe... you get the idea. I love the place so far beyond Seoul. Your posts make me reminisce!


I am glad to meet you here in Steemit.
In my view, our communication is the miracle of the modern technology.

This is another beautiful place to behold . The beauty of the temple, the gate even the plants around it makes this exposure another great one to remember and someday hope to see. Thanks for another exposure

@slowwalker, I don't know about Korean language. But you better explain what's indicated main gate. Oh..yep we can enter to temple. There are four gates indeed. I better understood why they built up 4 gates. Beautiful autumn leave around the environment. Second gate protect one than first one. I think Magok-sa Temple's area too long. There are so many Piled stone stupas near to gates. I know you explained much better this blog with perfect photo clicks.

Cozy and beautiful place. Periodically, I am amazed at how strongly you are depicted in the architecture of the temples.

Уютное и красивое место. Периодически я поражаюсь, насколько сильно Вы обознаны в архитектуре храмов.

The gates are pretty well-built and beautifully designed @slowwalker and what is interesting is that they have meanings which is to protect the pilgrims, monks, and other people both physically and spiritually.

The colours are simply stunning.

Thanks again for sharing some amazing photographs.

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단풍나무 한그루에 빨간잎, 노란잎, 초록잎이 모두 있네요.
단풍이 물드는 걸 보면 한국의 사계절을 자랑스러워하게 합니다.
너무 멋집니다.^^



The temple gate is really spectacular! Very interesting light and atmosphere, love the fall colors. Love the way the light bounces off the trees and wonderful angle. Love your photography style.


Thank you so much

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Wow man this is my all time favorite blog post of yours these photos are amazing! I am deff saving this as a fav and putting it on the bucket list! Also I wanted to share with you a band @digitallanguage that im a part of wanted to get your feedback. Do you have a discord? If so could you reach out had a couple questions to ask...


Thank you his music is really nice.
Thank you for indroduction