Copenhagen Alleys, Kirken and a Palace

in travel •  11 months ago

Helligaandskirken in Copenhagen
The pretty copper dome of The Church of the Holy Ghost (Helligaandskirken) in Copenhagen

An Architectural Stroll in the Danish Capital

Copenhagen is a bicycle town. Walkers, like me, will have little trouble, but it is clear that bikes reign supreme. For every bike on the move, there are a hundred parked. Everywhere. More on that in a later post.

This attractive city brims with interesting architecture spanning 800+ years. This is by far the prettiest city I visited in Scandinavia, particularly when compared to Oslo. But I have to say that I felt the best in Norway. The city-Danes I met were very urbane. Perhaps Norwegians remind me of people in the rural area where I live.

Tunnel with alley - Indre ByTunnel and alley in wood, plaster, cobbles, and iron - Indre By neighorhood

Copenhagen is actually full of people! They are rarely present in these images, which focus on the buildings. There is no shortage of churches in every style imaginable, harkening from time when every little neighborhood had its own house of worship close by. Boring streets are hard to come by in the city center. It was great fun discovering how they built then and just as enjoyable how they design today.

St. Peter's Church
Saint Peter's Church (Sankt Petri Kirke) rises from surrounding modern Danish buildings and modern Danes doing their shopping

Copenhagen modern
A strange but pleasing blend of concrete, steel, brick, and stone columns near the National Museum

Ny Vestergade
The only tidy bike parking I saw in Copenhagen - Ny Vestergade. The orange house on the right dates from before 1770

The canal and the palace The canal bridge leading to the Christiansborg Palace riding ground. The small island has been home to castles or palaces since 1167

Frederiksholm Canal Boats on the Frederiksholm Canal

I was pleased to see boats moored in the canal, just across from the grand palace with its vast equestrian courtyard. I wondered if someone lived in the big canal boat and imagined the smell of eggs and sausage wafting across to riding royals. While viewing Google Maps satellite images to remind myself of the layout of the area, I noticed the same exact boats were in the same exact positions in the canal. Momentarily suspicious of some Danish Disneyfication, I decided to believe. How much has my yard changed since the last Google spy mission over my house? The quaint scene remains, for me, a tangible proof of democracy in the constitutional monarchy of Denmark.

Christiansborg Palace The current Christiansborg Palace was completed in 1928 and houses the Royal Reception Rooms, the Parliament, the Supreme Court and the Office of the Prime Minister

King Christian IX statue The equestrian statue of King Christian IX by Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen took 21 years to complete. The Danes were progressive enough in 1907 to choose a female sculptor

Did you see my other recent Scandinavian travel posts?



Norway & Svalbard

All of the content in my posts is original and the photos are Copyright © Nick Kraft.

I was traveling light. These images were taken with a small Samsung point-and-shoot camera or a smartphone!

Thank you!


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The green statue and roofs is because they're made of copper


Exactly! The patina on copper, bronze, and brass is called verdigris and you can see a lot of it on roofs and statues in Denmark. Thanks for commenting!

Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see Copenhagen in person.


You're welcome, Slider! Stay tuned for more Copenhagen posts.

Copenhagen looks great. Thank you for this article. This city is defenetly on my list to visit. I have to check out your other scandinavian travel posts. Keep up the great work. Resteemed.

Copenhagen I have heard a lot about this place one day I will definitely visit this place


Glad to inspire travel! You'll enjoy it.

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I enjoyed the book. Have you seen the movie?


The audio book Narrated by Wil Wheaton was amazing. I have not had the chance to see the movie yet. Once on Netflix or DVD I am definitely looking forward to it.


Same here! I really like Wil Wheaton's narration. I've heard the film is very different but good if you can treat it as a separate thing. Of course, they cast Wade as a skinny teen hearthrob but it looks like they kept the high-rise trailer park.

Good job, cool post


I appreciate that, @lafomaniaco. Glad you enjoyed it.

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It is beautiful, no? Gracias!

great story, great photos!


Thank you, @aibolit66! That means a lot - I've seen your work.

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Great story to go with good photos. I have never been here, would love to go. Really liked Christiansborg Palace -- thanks for showing this.


Thanks, Audrey! I'll be posting on Copenhagen several more times at least.


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