The Camping Weekend Warriors

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Ah, the weekend warriors! They come in late on a Friday and loudly setup all of their stuff, hang out for a day, and then pack it all up and head back home. Their time here is short, but it does not go unnoticed, oh no. They come with screaming packs of children, yappy and loud barking dogs, loud radios with bad music blaring, late nights and super early mornings, and the list goes on. The allure of this lifestyle just is not there for me, but I have decided to leave the matrix and live a more free life, which these people obviously have not, as they are bound to their weekly slave jobs and must return.


I am happy these people are able to get away for a weekend and relax, but it seems like so much work to just be at a camp site for such a short amount of time, especially when we are surrounded by amazing hikes and lakes just outside of where we are. I am also thrilled that these people are bringing these children and animals out into nature, but the lack of general respect is rampant among the campers and as a full timer who has to work, this gets old fast. Luckily, they are just here for the weekend, so we try and find ways to stay busy or away so we do not have to deal with it all. However, the issue with that is we typically avoid hikes on the weekends because places are so packed on these days, and even more so during the spring and summer months.

Speaking of summer, it is the worst time for weekend warriors as would be expected with kids being out of school and because of a few holidays, sometimes they last a week, oh fun! Now I know I may seem bitter, but this is just an outlet to express my frustrations with this minor issue, however overall I love full timing and the campgrounds and meeting new people when the time is right. We have met some amazing people along the way, but for the most part we keep to ourselves and hope others will do the same. @hailyscomet and I always joke that we are an old couple, not a twenty something year old couple haha!

Dealing with campgrounds and people is just part of the adventure, but it can take a toll on stress and energy so hopefully expressing this here can help with that. I do have to say, this is one of the more negative aspects of full timing, and I always am the first to say it is not easy at all but it is so worth it in the end. These fun memories I will forever cherish and these negative ones associated will soon dissipate as we look back on these days as most bad things tend to for the most part I have noticed. I hope we can inspire more people to live a full life of being a travel warrior and not just bound to weekends and holidays!


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