The Snowy Peaks Of The Middle Earth

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Have you ever dreamt of climbing mountains in a dead of the winter? With snowy peaks everywhere you look and peril at any moment? To experience the climb and the wild beauty of the mountains that you see in exotic places like Everest or Patagonia? I and my girlfriend did! We wanted to see the difference of exploring the mountains outside the safety of the summer weather! Thus I have convinced 2 of my friends to join us on this crazy adventure with little experience of hiking in the white silk covered mountains in Eastern Europe.

Were The Legends Start

We have arrived in Zakopane an Emerald Of Europe on Sunday evening on Christmas Day. Almost the whole ride of 700km had no snow and we were already losing hope of seeing it at all… But to our surprise in the last 50 km, there was an ever-increasing amount of snow. And in the distance flour-white peaks brooded over the land.



After sleeping the first night in a mountain hut we set off to Morskie Oko. Hoping to cross the pass to a large waterfall that we missed in summer.

However, the day was not kind to us for the hike to the waterfall. Once we arrived at the trail the storm was in full swing.
It had snarled and mewled with its deadly voice, sounding like a wailing spectre. Its scavenging skies had compressed down upon the land, surveying it with a deadly malice. By reaching Morskie Oko we found out the trail became impassable and I looked like a snowman!



We were not sad that we couldn't reach the waterfalls. Because the view that met us near the lakes was just like out of the movies. Were people walk out into the wilderness to a great adventure and come back with stories that become myths! All around me, the snow flashed and glittered like angel-fire. As our walk reached the first stop , I marvelled at the might of nature. Its awe inspiring majesty made my soul rejoice.


On the way back we have decided to go a little bit of trail. Going the same way is boring and uninteresting especially when my sleds exploded on the rocks when I tried to slide down the mountain.



The of road we took was magnificent. Tall trees, snow up the knees, small huts in the middle of the forest resembling just like a story from Grim Brothers.





The next stop was the opened space hot springs in Bukowina Tatrzańska! It was glorious to stay in a hot open-air bath while snow is melting before reaching your face and definitely worth a visit after a long cold hike in the mountains.

The Coiling Dragon At The Peak Of The Mountain

On the second day, we have decided to storm a peak - Kasprowy Wierch 1 987 m. The weather got clearer and warmer thus in the middle of the hike we all stopped dressed down to our underwear in the middle of the winter, change to lighter clothes and continued to hike. The mountains upfront were vampire-white, sky-stabbing at the top. The legs of the mountains were very wide. The peaks of the mountains were like harpoon tips. They were shrouded in ghost-grey mist.









The hike was hard and demanding especially the higher we went the colder it got. The colder it got the slippery it was. The slippery it was the more dangerous the trip turned to be. Especially the last few hundred meters. It got narrower and extremely slippery we almost gave up the hike up.



However, with a little push, we finally reached the top. The only issue it was covered in such a large fog that it reminded me of the Dragon Smog from the Hobbit movies! It felt like there is a dragon coiled around the mountain breathing deeply and preventing passers to see the beauty of the valley!



The hike down was spent mostly sliding down the same way we came up. Beautiful and relaxed.













Nonetheless there are plenty of trails left unexplored and some are accessible only in summer. But winter hiking and exploring is one thing that I am looking forward too!!


Simonas R.
Arune M.

P.s. Pictures are all originals. If you would like to copy or use them you have to get a permission from the authors.

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You're trip looks incredible and the photos are fantastic! I really enjoyed reading this - thanks for sharing @doskinas!


I am very happy that you liked it! @elstheardentblog

Winter hikes are always so stunning! I envy you for this one!!! Looks amazing! Great photos :)


@danielapetk where are you from? I do not get to hike on snow a lot. Here in LTU there are not a lot of mountains to explore during the winter! But this hike was truly fantastic!


Bulgaria, here you can find some snow even now :)


I go once in a while to Sunny Beach in Bulgaria. But havent had yet the time to explore the nature side of the country. Which is on my list!

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Thank you!

Wow that's a lot of snow! However I absolutely adore pictures with this amount of snow in it, I am not too fond of walking in it myself lol..
But your report is super... Snow is a good setting for pictures!


Yes it is especially great time to take pictures when the sun is shining! I liked walking in it for the first 5 minutes... Then you start to sweat and it is not that great :D. But still exciting

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Thank you! If you have a chance you definatley have to go there!

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Thank you for honorable mention! Really appreciate.

Super zdjęcia. Najlepsze pierwsze i ostatnie.


Thank you!! I also like those two and a foggy one:)

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Keep up the good work and original content, everyone appreciates it!


Thank you very much !:)

Now that are really good lookin' pictures, and the snow ... what can I say? I used to love snow, but the last couple of years I'm started to dislike it for myself. I'm more a summer girl. But ... a very big but, when there is snow, I have to go out and take pictures. And for just that time that I'm busy with photographing, I love the snow ... as soon as I'm finished photographing, I hope it all disappears ... And yes, I sometimes do believe in miracles :D


I like winter. But the traditional kind. Cold, with lots of snow. The transition to winter or spring is my least favourite part of the seasons:))