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Few hours after this: https://steemit.com/travel/@careassaktart/my-recent-travel-jablanac-croatia-september-2018 (you can still share some upvotes with me . thanks) I met with my friend Alen & his 3 children after the school has finished that day.

Than he sent me with his children to guide me to a beach cause I wanted to have a swim, one of the lasts swims this year... & he needed to rest a bit cause it ain't easy to be a single parent to 3 little children!

On the beach we were the only ones - me & the children. It was crazy with them! They were so fuuull of power & energy & they wanted to play all the time the games they have invented, of which some were dangerous & even I was a bit scared for their & mine safety but, fortunately, everything went well!

The weather on the bottom of the mountain Velebit is pretty harsh & very unpredictable - in only one day or even just few hours one can witness all 4 seasons - spring, summer, autumn & winter!

The funny thing was that the children right after school went for a bath in clothes! They told a story to Alen that one of them fell into the sea so the others jumped to rescue! Yeah right! HAhahaha... So, I had some spare clothes in the car & gave them & that was really funny too - small children in big clothes! HAhhaha...

I enjoyed sooo much with them! We cooked & ate together, went in the forest on the mountain top, walked around, hunted mushrooms, told stories & local myths & legends... Like a happy family!

So, keep your family happy & safe! & all the people are your family! We are all one!

Do good!

Help each other!

Thanks for reading!

Comments, upvotes, resteems & follows are welcomed & appreciated!

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Sounds like you and the kids had a great time a the beach! Thanks for sharing the story!


Yes, we did! It was very nice! I stayed there for 3 days & it was so nice altogether that I wanted to stay longer...