Luxury Travel, It's Not For Everyone But Is It For You?

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Luxury Travel, is it for you? Now, the answer to this all depends on what you’re willing to do and pay. Anyone can travel in luxury if they really want to, you just have to have the means to do it. Plus, everyone's version of luxury is different. For those who have never known anything of the sort, a nice all-inclusive holiday is the equivalent of luxury to them. To someone who has stayed in some of the top hotels across the world, your standard all-inclusive holiday just isn’t going to float their boat.

However, it doesn’t matter what your view of luxury is, there’s always a way of achieving it. A holiday doesn’t come around too often, so when it does you might as well splash the cash a little and have a good time. Here are just a few ways that you can do that.

Luxury Travel, It's Not For Everyone But Is It For You?

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Define Luxury

This really is the first thing that you need to do. As I've said, everyone has their own version of what luxury is, but now we’re going to think about you. Think about only a holiday here, and think about what you would expect if you’re going to up it a notch and go luxurious. For a lot of people, the statement of luxury is a nice five-star hotel, that offers an all-inclusive service. Five-star hotels are the ones that go above the rest to try and please their guests. Imagine room service daily, whatever you want to be brought up to your room, free of charge.

Imagine coming in from a long day of exploring, or lying on the beach, to find bath towels folded into some crazy shape, a refreshing drink at your bedside table, and the aircon keeping the room at the perfect temperature. Surely we can all agree that that’s what luxury is to us? If not, then you’re going to have to step it up even further. A lot of people who well off choose to rent villas, but the villas are staffed with people ready to wait on you hand and foot. Now, you can imagine how much this is going to cost, so be careful when you’re spending. You don’t want to go broke just to have a taste of luxury.


Travel In Style

Traveling in style means having the most luxurious of things at your beck and call, whilst others might be cramped up in economy waiting for ages for a drink. Traveling in style definitely does come with a price tag, but everyone should have the pleasure of experiencing it once in their lifetime. All it would take is a bit of extra saving, and you could have absolutely everything you want in first class. As I've said with the hotels, the life of luxury does like to step it up a bit, with some people traveling to private airports in a private jet.

You can just imagine how much this is going to cost, but if there is a large group of you, it might not be as hard to afford as you might think. Plus, there are so many private airports around the world, you just need to find one where you can fly to and from your location. Houston private airports are just one of the ones you should be checking out if you’re deciding to give this a go. Do your research about what a reputable private charter company might be, and see if you can gather a group big enough to go and enjoy a holiday filled with luxury!

luxury travel


Luxurious Extras

The extras are the thing that you’re going to fill your holiday with that others wouldn’t usually be able to do. We’re talking things like hiring a private yacht to take you wherever you would want to go. Like with most things mentioned in this article, it is going to be expensive. But spending a day out on the open sea, with the sun blazing down on you, and cocktails on tap is just the perfect way to spend a day!

But again, if there’s a group of you, this really isn’t going to be expensive. Then you need to think about the services that your hotel you’re staying in will offer. If you’ve gone five-star, like I recommend, then you could have massages in the comfort of your own room. A car service that is free of charge, and ready to take you anywhere, maybe even pick you up in some cases!

So, do you think you can travel in luxury now? Or does it still seem like a far cry away? I recommend you get saving now either way!



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I have a hard enough time letting myself take any vacation let along a luxury vacation, but hopefully one day I will be able to travel in style.

Well done, nice words .. safe trip
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing..

I prefer travelling in luxury, not really into the rag tag travel style. Would be a fun adventure but it's more of a once in a while thing.

Luxury travel is definitly not for me! I prefer camping, hitchiking, couchsurfing, sleeping on hamocks. You meet way more people and have more adventures this way, you also don't need much money to do it


I've couchsurfed for over a year around Europe!

We travel since 1,5 ears now around Asia and visits luxury places but as well ( and most of it ) more the local places. Because we prefer more the local style and the people.


Some interesting points @adonisabril. While it's not always possible, I've always stroed for a lifestyle with more freedom. It seems strange to me that so many people are miserable working in a 9-5 job they don't enjoy, all for a 2 week luxury holiday. Ofcourse, the issue is not as straight forward but you get my point.


Live to work or work to live


For sure. Hopefully more people will be able to find a better balance as technology continues to develop. 👍

This is so amazing @adonisabril! You know when we talk about luxury travel, we're talking about having thousands of dollars to spend... But this changes my perspective. It's my Style that matters! Well, I do travel in luxury 💯💯💯

Im not about luxury but having money makes things easier.

Presumably, we get it! At whatever point you are not ready to movement for reasons unknown, a movement statement may help you here and there to make you move.

how the feel Luxury Travel ?this time all people not journey Luxury Travel
only travel reach man but i intrastate Luxury Travel...

Sir this time noy able to this luxury traval but one day come in love u sir @adonisabril

Yeah. It is for me.

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nice one i am going to joinn a group


Come fast


I am looking to join your team, although I wasn't spending much time on steemit but will do soon.

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i am following you kindly upvote me 2

Wow nice post.

number 3 pic is like orange county hotel

Travel in Luxury.. That's interesting, I hope so... That i will...

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This has just inspired me to start saving because I love anything luxurious and I cannot wait for my vacation. Taking a group is a great idea to save money and I have always dreamed of staying in a villa.

The article is excellent for luxurious travel and their is no negative comment to say because everything was written well.

I love this post! It raises attention to the fact that everybody has their own idea of luxury, too. This is something most people don't consider, as well! A lot of people will just rent a hotel without considering the more expensive options; sometimes, it can be rewarding.

After all, I was told by many people as a child that I would always regret the things I DIDN'T do, rather than the things I did.

Anyway, luxury travel is what makes travel fun in the first place. You deserve to be pampered when you're on vacation; if you can afford it.

@adonisabril Hey friend please support me to join your community.

hi my friend. i follow you and upvote your post, you are very strong, thanks if you vote my post

Thanx for sharing amizing article.. realy nice

I have a hard enough time letting myself take any vacation let along a luxury vacation, but hopefully one day I will be able to travel in style,number 3 pic is like orange county hotel,i love travelling but because of my study i can't go anywhere for days. I have just hours not days. that's why i think i am an unlucky person who just studying not enjoying.

please help him for vote and like me @muved

Majority persons want to spent luxury life style but for luxury life style need money
What are you saying?

quality is great.

who goes on holidays with your friends these days? I don't, I want to relax on holiday with the family

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I want to travel in style of me
I want to take a life, culture and human everywhere I come

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Your every post was very unique.
I follow u and also I upvote your every post.
Please follow me back sir.....I m new in steemit..please help me growing on Steemit.

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hay buddy i hope great you are always there to help me build my blog @muved only god can repay your kindness and I hope you are slalu in good health there

Excelent post, can you read my last post?

@adonisabril I don't have time to travel now because my college and study..
Student life is also a luxury and intresting life that we can't forget and we remember student life forever and tells our child.

So amazing. Thanks for sharing 🙂 I will follow, resteem and upvote

i love travelling but because of my study i can't go anywhere for days. I have just hours not days. that's why i think i am an unlucky person who just studying not enjoying.
i am a medical student

One should really enjoy his life

Amazing pics, wishing that luxury travel for me!

@adonisabril Thank you, my friend, your blog is such an awesome and please support me and upvote me if you like my comment

Travel sells on steemit.

@adonisabril this is your own clicked picture so, then you are amezing photographer

@adonisabril Usually I travel cause of my modeling work. I always choose the only luxury lifestyle. As you mentioned that travel in a style so it really gives us more freshness. I will share my all travel related experience over here infect I love your this post.

But as we know it will be more expensive and we people always choose what is cheap. So just forget about cheap things and believe in yourself. And travel in style. <3

I have a good mix of budget and luxury when I travel. Sometimes finances are a bit tougher and budget comes to mind first but that doesn't mean that the places I go to aren't luxurious. Great post.