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Hello everyone! I am Chamu, a 14 years old girl from Sri Lanka and I am one of the leaders of the TOS (Teens On Steem) community. My account on Steem is @chamudiliyanage

I am posting many kinds of things here. Steemit is like home to me. I can post anything, even secrets. Most of the time, I post about my life experiences, lessons, stories, drawings, DIY crafts and such kinds of things which comes to my mind. 

This is me

When I started Steeming, I felt like I was all alone by myself in the middle of a big ocean with big dolphins and whales. After seeing that there are many communities for people in different countries and for different languages like indonesia, nigeria, steemit-jp, spanish etc... Then I wanted a community on Steemit for the teenage Steemians like me.

Then I was able to find more teens on Steem and we started the community TOS which stands for Teens On Steem so that we can help and guide the Teen Steemians and the teenagers from different countries and nations can get to know and interact with the other teens. We, the @teensonsteem account will be upvoting, resteeming and helping good posts under the #tos tag posted by the Teen steemians. 

You can join our Discord chat here.

 Thank you all for stopping by.

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This is a really good small group of teens who care about others. I would like to see them grow, so if you are a teen, or want to support this group, join us on the Discord Chat and interact with us on @teensonsteem posts! Have a great day and weekend, everyone! :)


Thanks a lot for your support @kenny-crane : )

Amazing initiative! following now!





So pretty!!! <3

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