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speaking of visibility take a look at this...

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 9.54.48 AM.png


Oh snap! You got all of us. Do we get punched now? It is funny how little games we did in Junior High and high school were being played all over the United States somehow. I once was taking to a guy who was my same age and grew up in Northern California and they were making the same paper poppers, spit wad shooters, and talking about how people had elephantitis of the balls and we were doing the same thing in Indiana. Crazy


That is hilarious! So true.

That is awesome man, no more posts disappearing after the payout period!
What you are doing for the community shows that even though you are fucking pissed at its leadership there is a soft spot for steemit with you

This is the bullish signal, watch crypto rally up now!


Buy now! Buy now!


The line is super green-we are going to Mars!


Yeah, you can notice how the price keeps following the twinkly fuck -pattern which is a clear sign of a bull market


The bullish Duck is starting to form!!

2018-04-19_7-54-59 (1).png


Dong Oscillation Wave is looking sort of limp if you as me.


Yes, thats a limp bull run... somebody should do something.


The tip needs some massaging. That may help.


That's great :D


Shabalala... Yup your predict is in line

I would always look at your blog if your rep got even lower getting a rep that low is really hard to do I dare say harder than the high rep some steemians have but it great your rep is in the positive more people can read/want to read your posts

wtf, you went from -11 to 48 real fast deserve this.....

Congrats you get. .your reputation again.......God always help you...just dont lose hope......One day you will shine...

You're doing good to this platform. It's refreshing to see someone with an opinion.

More add kicking, less ass licking.


Not into that kinda thing, eh?


We wish she was into that kind of thing ;-)




That escalated quickly


I never knew there was Dporn... Should've guessed lol


You can pretty much find anything now on SteemIt. Dlive, Dtube and Zappl. SteemIt is growing.

This is good news!

Congrats on getting the positive reputation back!

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Wow! All the best Bernie. I know very well that with one or two posts you can surely beat me in reputation. I remember I followed you when you were -19. If you don't mind, would you please tell me who downvoted you to that level?

To the 🌙 and past!... Congrats!

Congratulations dude. That's actually amazing. When I first joined this platform, I once saw you and thought "who the hell is this? -17 rep?"

Glad to see that you are positive now. You'll be at 60 in no time.

Looks like we might be seeing double digits soon !

Woah....Congrats @berniesanders. You became positive from negative rep. I know your rep soon go over 60.

Congratulations. I knew you could do it.

Well, I didn't really know for sure, but you seem pretty persistent.

Good job, bernie!

keep up the good work you got this!!

we always help you-you also help to us

Jeez Bernie. Congrats. Hope you are not this fast in bed.

Congratulations! I am glad that you got your reputation back to normal :) You deserve it!

The first time I saw your account (about 3 months ago) I had to follow you, I figured since your rep was so low you must speak a lot of truth. I know exactly how that is, being the psychedelic sheep of the family. You have my vote. and about 12 others as well from my curation trail. I'll even send a bid to @haveaheart for ya

Have a great day/night, whatever it is there.. :D

upvote is always done

Woah, the last 10 points went fast!
We are having fun writing your namesake into the Steem Monsters lore 😁

Well done, you'll soon have more than 60 in reputation

we also thank you so much for your helping :L:)

Even with the negative, you are still among the best steemian around, so I don't think the negative defined who you are rather it defined the people that did this... congratulations

wow i am so happy to see that your reputation score come back to positive and now no more hidden posts, wish you all the best in all of your future endeavors, Stay blessed

You are the positive guy, the -ve was not the true you

Congrats bernie.

You definitely deserve it!

@berniesanders, Wow your reputation now coming to positive level. I'm happy to see it. Biggest congratulations to your success level.

You will always be the fun guy ! :D

Awesome bernine....Keep going and wishing you success.

Wow ... 4... congratulations man... we always with you always!!!


I won't lie I was hesitant when I ignored your negative rep and gave you a follow lol. As a new user on the platform I felt like I may have been committing steemit suicide. haha

My vote doesn't count for much but it's yours!


I appreciate that. Even some of my closest associates won't give me a witness vote out of fear of backlash from other users with large holdings. It sucks, but that's how it is when you speak out.


What's your witness? I didn't even know you had one.


Done, for what my little plankton vote is worth. :)


@berniesanders I didn't realise you had a witness handle either. I am voting for you right now.



I think most users are treating this as a gold rush opportunity so they are painting within the lines to try and maximize their profit. Users like yourself who aren't afraid to speak out will win out in the end. People will use much more energy and exhaust themselves quickly as they force being nice on others.

Even when you had a negative rep I still enjoyed reading your post, always short and straight to the point "not shitty atall" unlike some other steemian, and even with the negative post you still had high pay out , you are really a great steemian, please keep up the good work and don't stop the good fight... congratulations

Bernie, you've done so much in terms of QA and anti-abuse for the Steemit community, it's only right that you are pulled out of negativity.

My vote count not enough to increase your rep level. But with all supporters help you came better place now. Go go and go ahead bernie.

Well done my friend... you deserve to be visible for the benefit of the Steemit community

Just a few hours ago I saw you at -8 or -7. Now you're up to +2! I am very pleased to see this @berniesanders! Keep doin what you do and I look forward to seeing your rep well above mine soon!

@berniesanders It was a hard-fought battle to get out of negative hell, but here you are. I never thought I would see the day when you didn't have to self-upvote just to be visible, look at you declining payouts as well. I think @steemmonsters has done a lot of good for you, as you have for @steemmonsters provided certain whales don't start another flag war, you'll probably be back at the newbie 25 level in a couple of weeks time.

Congratulations Berny :)

Awesome my friend!! Good to see you visible!!

Woowooo!! Positive rep!!!

Youve done it man, youre visible :-)...hmmm a new 'positive' Bernie might take some getting used to. I dont feel like a rebel follower any more now! Youre almost 'mainstream'. lol

Whoever gave you votes know exactly that you deserve them 😁

Wow from negative, to 4, to 48 rep in 24 hours. The rep calculation is crazy.

Hi bernie, of course we are everybody happy to see now with decent reputation, i hope you will rise more as you deserve!

Good for you man! Seems like Steem Monsters was the start of this turn around!

Congrats bernie! It’s like a whole new fresh start for you!

Surprised to see you rocket from -8 to 48 in what seems like a day? Logarithmic maths is hard.

It is so sad that your reputation was so low. It has been restored hugely in just the last few hours!

Congratulations, with constancy you will have the same reputation even more of which you had.


Rep 48!!

Fuck yeah!!

You're welcome dude.

Happy to help.

Vote @nextgencrypto as witness!!

You know what's so special about this? That it was all from other voters, not yourself. Self votes do affect rep, but only if your rep is positive (or at least not negative). So everything from -17 to 0 was the community at large. Crazy.

Here's one more :*

Congrats @berniesanders, more rep for you. I do pity you before that you are in -18 and you still make much on your post. I really wonder what happen to your rep

wow +48. Well played. I kinda miss seeing that '-' there though :)


Lol.. Me too..
Hope this doesn't put me in trouble tho.. Hehe

"when we light out someone's wrong then we become a victim" Your reputation shows a great example of it🤣

You are the only account I know that has negative rep but does funny and/or qualitive content, so why not?
Glad that you are "back".

Congratulations, Your reputations already normal.

Wow... Thats cool

you are doing a good job

Congrats B. I'm particularly grateful for your support of #comedyopenmic. I hope your rep goes sky high from now on

Wooahhhh.. That was phenomenal

The Legend Is Back ! Welcome back bernie ! cheers !

Congrats @berniesanders on getting the positive reputation back!
you deserve this position back.
Good job, @berniesanders.

You have my vote. Just bought some STEEM to get equal 2000 STEEM POWER :D
Since I have 62 rep, I think I can help.

Congrats on your rep progress @berniesanders people love you 😂

Congratulations! :) nice job!
I have a friend in the States, who is your real fan... this was the reason for me to watch some of your debates years ago.
Keep it up! ;)

you will go down again for upvoting own bot comments and reward pool rape bernie2.png


Hahahahahaha you’re a weak little bitch.

you derserve even more upvote for fighting a good course of are a most of us.. well done champ..

this is awesome to see you back to positive reputaion

Congratulations @berniesanders, it looks like the blacklisting or what ever was holding you down is gone, I saw yesterday, (well Monday), that you were only -12 I think it was. It looks like steemmonsters game has been good for you. Or people realized you were right, but it does not matter. Your account is well on it's way to Reputation recovery, a little to little and a little to late, Reputation really means nothing on steemit anymore. It used to be something, now a days any one can pay for a Reputation boost. But I am happy for you, even though you downvoted me in my very early days of joining steemit. You and your house of 52 cards, Ironic that a Card game is helping your rebuild your account now.

Best of luck, and just do like everyone else buy your reputation back by using all the vote bid bots.

This was something much needed for you, because you are someone who raised voice without having fear of collateral damage and I love to see your reputation from -8 to +48 now. Love you sir and congrats again.

@berniesanders This is a tough battle,. I never thought I would see a day when you do not need self-upvote just for looks, see you are refusing payment as well. I think @steemmonsters has done a lot of good things for you, like you have for @ steemmonsters by giving a certain whale that does not start another flag war,

Amazing! I was raging and asking the community -> WHYYY does this guy have ---- rep? It's bullshit! <- Finally he got it good. Still... does anyone know how did this user get negative reputation? Some kind of punishment by whales?Happy wednesday!.jpg

Man, Congratulations. You did a huge effort to be in this new place.

First account to ever get back from -19 rep. Congrats Bernie. Stay well

Berniesanders after @dan smashed his account into the sewers:

Berniesanders Today:


this is actually my favorite movie of all times!

Added in my little vote :)

welcome back to positive numbers...the magic world of algebra!

Well @berniesanders it is nice to see your posts again immediately, in stead of having to do some extra clicks!
Hope that you will be soon back at the rep you were!
Thanks for watching out for us and the reward pool.
This will probably the last time that an upvote from me, will gain you some rep points :)


The legend always in control :) reputation is just another facet , but glad to see you coming back and reach the highs.

Glad to see something besides the negative!!!

Congratulations. You will have a (70) Rep in no time .....

Mine weren't pity votes, just votes. Tiny by most people's standards, but just votes.

you are welcome

Bernie with positive rep?

I'll have to check Revelations because I'm pretty sure that's a sign of the apocalypse... or perhaps I'm thinking of Apocalypto - a very underrated Mel Gibson movie, in my opinion.