Swiftmile is bringing promoting to micromobility

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Swiftmile, The startup, which wants to become the petrol station for vehicles with micromobility, goes into advertising. Swiftmile already supplies cities and private operators with docks where scooters and e-bikes can be parked and charged. The company is now beginning to integrate digital displays that will be attached to the charging stations to provide information about public transport, traffic warnings and of course advertising.

"It creates tremendous value because it's a huge market," Colin Roche, Swiftmile CEO, told theinformationsuperhighway.org “Tons of these companies want to market to this group, but you can't and shouldn't do that with a scooter. So there is a huge audience that wants to address this group, but also cities like us because we bring order to chaos. "

When a driver drives to the train station and parks a vehicle, a 55-inch screen, in collaboration with Transit Screen, shows a local transportation schedule to encourage more people to rely on public transportation.

"TransitScreen is pleased to partner with Swiftmile to support improved access to real-time information about mobility options," said Tony Hudgins, vice president of business solutions at TransitScreen, in a statement to theinformationsuperhighway. "Mobility centers like this will change commuting in the future and we look forward to being part of the expanded first and last mile solutions."

Swiftmile plans to deploy these screened stations in March. Swiftmile expects to provide 1,000 of these stations with digital screens by the end of the year. That would correspond to an annual advertising turnover of around 80 million US dollars. Verizon Media Group (owner of theinformationsuperhighway.org) is already a Swiftmile customer.

Swiftmile has already installed 140 charging stations in cities like Austin and Berlin and plans to reach 1,000 by the end of the year. Swiftmile plans to partner with automakers to allow car owners to charge their vehicles alongside scooters.

Swiftmile, which is also financially supported by Verizon, raised approximately $ 6 million. It is preparing to officially announce its Serie A in the coming weeks.

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