SwapToken.com 2.0 sneak peek.

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From our very simple SwapToken.com v1.0 website to our latest upgrade using a content management system.

Version 1.0

Version 2.0

To support our business growth we added cool features highlighted below.

Recently, Hive-Engine transition block producing from centralized to decentralized. I am one of the early witness tester. So, in addition to our website update. As mentioned above, we are running our own version of Swap Token Exchange (https://exchange.swaptoken.com).

The HIVE to HIVEP deposit/withdrawal initial released with limits of 200 HIVE/HIVEP. The limit will goes away as we continue to increase fundings.

The https://SwapToken.com domain brand is a perfect name for this service.

Live Prices of crypto currencies is also added to the site.

We are not done, the development will continue till we add more tokens in our portfolio so you can easily swap tokens and add them to your wallet.

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This is a nice sneak peek. Thank you~

I hope you will use the service. Soon it will be added swap token between STEEM to HIVE, vice versa.

Hello thanks for supporting me greetings sal ❤️ Blessings

You're welcome.