Street Photography ~ Old Havana Part 2

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This is my entry for today´s #streetphotography contest hosted by @juliank.

I've posted a few times about my travels to Cuba in November 2016. It was an interesting time to be in Cuba during the US Presidential Election and just a couple weeks before the passing of Fidel Castro.

During our visit to the Plaza de San Franciscoin Old Havana (which is one of the main plazas build in the 17th century), we came across this group of Cuban Cadets -- quite a scene.

Click image to view full size.

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They look so young and relatively organized. I have seen many shots of the cadets, but the looks on their faces, some proud, some focused, some playing the camera!


Right! We took many photos and some of them stood up tall and others posed. some of the females were actually smiling at us, or at least at me (;


There are a few cute soldiers! It is a great shot though.

so nice shot, it's realism photo expresses everything.
sometimes i take photo and painting with watercolor and colorpencil in @timewaarp.
good luck.


Thank you!

Cuba is still a country that not so well known and needs to be discovered, I love your photo series and also that you leave a little description about the photographs. Female cadets in uniform I must say they look very good :)


Thank you. You being an artist know that one must leave most to the interpretation of the viewer/listener, but I find with photos, there needs to be some tidbits to give a better feel. Cuba was remarkable. The people are so educated and skilled.

Looks like you are talking with them. Nice click.


Right! Some of them were definitely striking a pose.

Are these the police of Cuba ?
We have the same uniform here

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What uniform is in pakek? If in our country it's a police uniform ..

its wow photo shot, i think its better then part-1 photography..

Wow that's so great photo post... congratulations my dear friend @armentor...

Wow so great Photographery.

Cool to see. Apparently they are gender-neutral!!

Cool photography