Street Photography ~ Old Havana

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This is my entry for today´s #streetphotography contest hosted by @juliank.

Old Havana (La Habana Vieja) is a photographer’s dream. Founded by Spain in 1519, it is the largest city in the Caribbean. I was lucky to visit in November 2016, before the U.S. reinstated the travel restrictions. We decided to venture deep into Old Havana. No tourist in sight for blocks. Settled into a local’s bar called Río de la Plata and after a few hours I stepped out of the bar (maybe stumbled) and saw this…

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Photo taken on November 6, 2016. Old Havana Location Click Here

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great pic with perspective. people moving forward towards a better future we hope. thanks for sharing


We definitely hope and not just there ;)


Well, unfortunately the Trump administration is doing everything possible to make matters worse. Hopefully they remain resilient.

Amazing. It seems that the motorcycle wheel is of such value to them that they both must hold onto it. The colors of the buildings and sun-setting reflection off the buildings makes it.


So true. I was wondering for awhile why they both were holding it, then I'm like, take a picture. A motorcycle is so important for transportation in Cuba, its wheel much be like a BTC!


I can only imagine how valuable that must be to them. It seems like you have an amazing trip. I'v seen other great posts from you on Cuba.


It was such a surreal trip and we spent much time away from the tourists with the locals. I am going to post more photos later in the week.

When I was young Havana always associated with very good and expensive cigars. Recently one of my colleague was there as a tourist, she was impressed to see the contrast, it is quite poor country, but people are very friendly. One of her story completely impressed us, when she and her friend were invited to one of the locals and she said the table was full with delicious food, later on they found that it was all their weekly food that they bought for them, so my friend offered some money, because felt badly for that. But those people refused to take any money, they were just happy to have guests and enjoyed the company. It is difficult to imagine that those people exists. I like the moments you captured with light in background, good composition.


Well said @stef1. Your colleague's experience was similar to ours. To add, many of the people were also relatively well educated and underemployed.

Great street shot!


Thank you!

Great street shot thats a place I would love to visit one day


Quite unique place. Definitely, especially if you like Rum and/or Cigars! I must go back.


I used ot love both but would still love the place with just the odd Cigar :)

Beautiful old part of town! :)


Thank you. It was amazing... I need to go back.

Very cool. Street photography is something I have yet to tackle. Those greats like John Free (on YouTube) make it look so easy!


Its tough.. you think you got a good shot and then when you see it on you desktop, it sucks! Cuba was perfect for street. Thanks for the heads up on John Free. Wow!


Yeah listening to John Free talk photography inspires me to push and try harder.

Old Havana is a fascinating town with alot of social activities taking place there , the town is really an old town been founded around the 15th centuries holds alot. There is slot of clusters buildings along the street and from your photo are those guys fighting or arguing . The photo shows the complete background of the street, and the photo looks clear and bright also @armentor


Yes Old Havana is quite fascinating. Thank you.

nice street but slum area

The boys carrying a wheel on a street in Havana.Really amazing photoshoot!!!!

All small roads in all the town look same.You are a great photographer.This photo is realistic.

the road is very beautiful kawan.semoga contesnya running smoothly.sucses for you @armentor

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Indian street. When i m at age of 21. I hope you like it