SteemSilverGold Daily Highlights - 09 Jan 2019

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In order to support the SteemSilverGold community we will be offering a daily highlight of quality posts by members. The premise of the community is to promote physical gold and silver, support member content, share information, and grow the community.

The highlighted posts below are selected automatically on a daily basis, using a custom query that evaluates the quality of a post in order to curate the best community content. The rank below does not signify which post is best and we encourage you to read all of the posts.

Top Daily Contributors

Our top contributors are picked from the @myprecious following list.

1@brian.rrrA Few Coins Added to the Stack...
2@senstlessFirst Diamond Rewards Cards - the run continues. I love these new cards!
4@welshstackerMy first silver of 2019 and it was FREE
5@silveringots👀Eye Candy👀 David C Davis history !
6@silver-hammerMidweek look!
7@edthecanadianLost and found treasure.
8@stokjockeyWhat's New at The ZOO ?? Silver Art Bar and Some Music to Get Up and Dance Too.............
9@dreemsteemShowing off my luscious, new silver!
10@tbnfl4sunTime to unbox my newest charm from Mene!
11@goldmattersMene Daily Recap On Steemit
12@ronaldoavelino226 - Um Unboxing - Parte 3
13@djohanGold Gilded African Leopard Silver coins
14@hooiyewlim[VIDEO] Malaysia 2000 Thomas-Uber cup 1 ringgit commemorative coin
15@dwingsworldPrecious Metal Gift of Wonder!!
16@willsparks88Digging through the drawers!
17@silverd510Silver drawing tomorrow....
18@rollingthunder1/09 Trading Updates - Precious Metals-Up, S&P-Up, Crypto-Mixed


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