No Delay on Comments, Replies and Votes - @SteemPeak Highlight #1

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Never again get an error because you commented or voted too quickly.

SteemPeak Highlight #1

The Steem blockchain has rules which make sense... however your time is valuable and you don't want to wait 20 seconds until you're approved to comment again. So we implemented an Action Queue ... when you make several comments or votes too quickly they go into a queue and will push out the messages as the blockchain allows it, all behind the scenes.

This is also easier for new Steem users that don't know all the blockchain rules and get lot of errors because they are posting and replying too fast.

Go give it a try.

  1. Go to your feed and find a bunch of friends posts and vote as fast as you desire.
  2. Go to your replies page and respond to everyone without having to wait.

We believe this will save you all a lot of time.

Benefit of the Action Queue

  • Fast reply on multiple comments, quite useful after publishing a post with lots of feedback
  • Quickly upvote you favorite posts, a huge time saver while checking your Feed
  • No need to wait for votes and comments to be broadcasted before changing page
  • See who many operation still have to be published on the blockchain

And here is a screenshot to show you how to view your current queue on


As always, we'd love to know what you think and receive your feedback in the comments or on our Discord channel.

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The SteemPeak Team
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Perhaps one of my favorite features!!
It has saved so much time while increasing the amount of interaction i do.

I hope your site ends up being better than Steemit and Busy. You've got a lot of work, are you thinking about bringing notifications? notifications about upvotes... followers... replies...? like Busy's. If you can work on that, It'd be amazing. I'll check Steempeak to see how well it works


Thanks for you comment, we have already planned notification for the 1.3 release. If you want to check features already planned you can read the introduction post here or just join the Discord channel ;)


And who knows maybe it helps to push busy to have all the features that steempeak already has. haha