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Let's be honest, /
is not the best website to browse the steem blockchain anymore. I don't know if I'm the only one who has this issue but I'm not impressed by the development of the website. I'm sure they have their reasons and I know they are working hard on the steem blockchain but I'm done waiting.


We can all wait here for Steemit Inc to get around to make their website better or vote with our feet and start using alternatives. I've tried many and I must say that now I'm 100% switching to STEEMPEAK

What I Love About

Steempeak mission is:

Simplify the STEEM experience for the new users and be a one-stop shop for the advanced users.

I have to say that so far, they are right on the money. I don't want to have one website for my autovotes, one website for my private message, one website for my analytics, etc. I'm happy they are coming in the fill that niche.


Tired of stagnant development and not seeing new features and design coming your way? The people of SteemPeak are working super hard to make this front-end the best of the best. You can connect with them directly via their discord channel:

They are quick to respond and loves to have your feedback.

2. Side by Side Text Editor

One thing that bothers me with all the other front-end is that in order to see a preview of what I'm writing, I must scroll all the way down and then back up. This is both unproductive and frustrating to use. SteemPeak makes it so that I don't have to scroll back and forth to see what your post will look like.


Any seriously blogging platform worth their salt provides a way to get data about who votes for you, how much you are making, etc.

Finally, I don't have to jump to another website to get the information that I need. Hopefully, with time, that feature will get better and better.

4. Saved Users + Saved Topics + Bookmarks

Want to create your own curated feed experience? Save your favorite topics and users for quick access through the "Saved Topic" and "Saved Users". Add the possibility to bookmark directly from the feed and you've got something much more enjoyable to browse.


Try out steempeak and you'll be happily surprised. I've heard through the grapevines that some awesome new features and coming online such as private message (which I can't believe never implemented)

See you there!

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

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Steempeak is by far the best UI. Steemit is still stuck in the 1990s.

I love Steempeak and they keep increasing the development on it. Unlike some apps, updates come regularly and often. They also add a ton of updates with each one.

I am sold on it and switched a couple weeks ago. I meant to do a write up on it but never got around to it.


Well we'll still look forward to it. haha
I love seeing which parts are the most interesting or useful for each person.

For example there's way more people mentioning analytics than we ever expected which makes me want to push updates to those to sooner than later. But like you said we're now doing tons of smaller updates from all the feedback we're getting. Aka doing a lot of polishing before we get back on track with the big stuff.


Hey @jarvie, how many people are working on this project? You've done a brilliant job, and I reckon your team is much smaller than Steemit's.

I have 1 question - would it be possible to implement the option to search in "Followers" and "Following" sections? For example, if I'd like to find a person that I am following whose account starts with "w", I have to scroll a lot.



I do know we're going to be working on the following/follower list in the future.
And we're also going to be improving the search function as well.

Oh and there are 4 right now but we're looking for some developers to help alleviate the load of the main developer.

I gotta say steempeak is amazing and works so well.

But something just holds me back into

I think it's the old habbits and not wanting to change.
Hopefully more people start using steempeak so I would just HAVE to start using it aswell :D

fully agree, they have a lot of potential. personally wouldn't mind to move over if they offer messaging.

I have been using SteemPeak exclusively for a couple of weeks now.

It is just a much smoother interface.

If you like the project, don't forget to support the team. @steempeak, @asgarth, @jarvie


Haha too kind ;)

I'm already using it and it's amazing, the mobile site needs a little work, but I don't doubt that it won't be long before it's looking professional as well.


Yeah mobile is something we haven't even really touched too much as of yet. I'm also looking forward to when we get rolling with that design.

agreed!, and mentioned in last digest ... @steempeak still need to improve editor a bit, as adding links you have to keep scrolling up to the top. But it's really great so far


Agreed i've experienced what you're talking about with the scrolling for the links specially on long posts that's something I'll bring up, not sure how the design could change to make that easier. If you have any thoughts let us know.

That is totally awesome I didn’t even know it has expanded this far and so many other projects are coming along the way

The private messaging idea was thrown around many times, it's useful and can (should) be implemented off-chain. If that's the intention of steempeak, go for it :)

My first impression is, it's a sleek interface but the posts are too big, maybe reduce the image sizes and show more posts in the field of view. The "detailed view" is a little bit chaotic: the animated reshuffling is cool, but the posts end up looking disorganized to my taste.

@cryptoctopus i haven't yet used this is a good suggestion. I will try this website for betterment.

Analytics is the best part of this site. I hope, it will exist for a long time, much projects die after several months.

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I've seen a few people mention Steempeek now -- I'll definitely check it out. Thanks for the recommendation.

I will be taking a closer look at this thanks to you.
Thanks for taking the time to share with everyone!

I mainly spend the majority of time on mobile and i atill prefer busy when it comes to use it from mobile. What are your thoughts about steempeaks on mobile version :)


well my thoughts are that we haven't really gotten to optimizing mobile yet. We made it usable and some people say they like the mobile.... but it'll be a bit of time before we get the time to make it amazing. With that said if there are any glaring issues with the mobile let us know since we're spending so much time testing out the desktop stuff.


Thanks for letting me know that. And i get it. But in my case and I think a lot of other People out there and with social media in general nowadays a lot of what is created and a lot of rge traffic come straight away on mobile using. But that it is just my opinion and perception. :)

This is awesome! Thanks for the post man!

Hey I've been checking out steempeak -- It's actually quite nice, and I'm actually currently using it. I do have a question though -- and I'll preface it with the fact that I'm very bad at looking for things:

I don't see how to flag posts or comments. Is there a spot where one has to enable it?

Thanks for the recommendation! I will definitely try out steempeak. Have you also looked at steempress? It let you use WordPress to post on steemit, which makes formating and uploading photo much easier.

I’ve been loving SteemPeak! So many awesome features and lightning-fast development! Plus, they take no fee like the other Steem front-ends do.

I agree, is for me the first front-end really thinked for the user! SteemPeak is young then no exempted of few optimization but the most important is he took the good way.

It is nice to have yet another option, but I prefer Busy.


Feel free to hop in the Discord and tell the Steempeak team what you prefer about, and what features you would like to see them add. :)


What I like about Steampeak is that the team is responding to comments :)

Thanks for the Discord link.


It is nice to have
Yet another option, but
I prefer Busy.

                 - cutemachine

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Tell us the fee we have to pay from our rewards :D



Have just looked at it!

I was so used to steemit, I'd forgotton what a good site looked like! lol

Well done..whoever is responsible!

So much better...

This sounds great, I am sure this is a much better website than steemit, but you do realize that steemit isn't steems main focus? The steem platform is what they are concerned about not steemit.
I mean I would imagine you do understand this since you have a 74 profile score and have been around steemit for quite a while.. However, the steem team is much more concerned with the platform and future apps and dapps like SMT protocol and the hardfork more so than steemit (the test net) itself. I believe steem will be worth a lot of money in the future, but not because of steemit at all, because of SMT's and the speed of the blockchain that steem has to offer..
Please, Correct me if I'm wrong, as I do believe you might have a better understanding of this than me.. But this is what I get from reading the steem white paper..


YES!! This is very true and a huge part of why I was willing to help with the project because I got the sense that Steemit INC wasn't just willing to have others create applications (including front end's) on their system but I believed they were secretly Hoping that a group would come in and make something better.

The company constantly delegates large amounts to projects including other Front Ends. I see it as proof they do not see other front ends as competition. I think they may even be happier if they didn't have to put ANY resources or programmers on the task of front end development. It's a testament that they really do want the market to speak and act.

Also where their hands can be tied or they'd cause issues if they made changes it's easy for a small project like SteemPeak to come in and to just decide to solve everything and because at first there are no users no one is gonna get upset and then when we create a ton of needed features then people can choose to come here. something like SteemPeak can make decisions that steemit inc would have trouble doing in order to stay partial.

Just looked at this UI and I do like it. Thumbnails will become even more critical.

After reading several posts about SteemPeak, I finally gave it a try today. And Wow! It feels so much faster and more responsive compared to Steemit.

I started using #SteemPeak today, after finally overcoming my initial concerns about giving SteemConnect my ACTIVE private key. I've only been using SteemIt for just over one month now. I came across this particular post through a web search for anything about SteemPeak. The search engine (in this case DuckDuckGo) listed the link via the website, so I had to manually change it to view the link via SteemPeak instead. Is there some way to make SteemPeak my default for viewing any / all blog posts on the Steem blockchain? Or, at least, some sort of browser extension or something for Open Link in That would be really handy.

I have just migrated to Thank you.