Steem Monsters Love Series!

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Steem Monsters Love Series!


The Love for Steem Monsters spread all throughout the Father's Day weekend with lots of giveaways!
We hope all of you Steem Monster Dads had a great Father's Day!
Awesome individuals were giving away booster packs and also their own personal cards too!

A Great Father, @mrviquez was on DLive yesterday opening up cards and said if he pulled one of the Gold Foil Legendary cards he would give away one of his Legendary cards! He surely did pull a Gold Foiled Frost Giant Legendary Card and then gave a way one of his Selenia Sky Legendary cards to Steem Monsters fan @crystalpecheco30!

The Steem Monsters Love continues...
Steem Monsters Love spreads like fire throughout the community!
So many people have inspired others and it makes it enjoyable for everyone when you have giveaways!
The Gold foil cards are so pretty with shiny features so it makes it exciting to open these!
Have fun finding these new gold foil cards!


Steembay has become a big hit with Steem Monster Card owners who want to sell some cards in order to be able to buy even more booster packs!
Steembay is quite easy and the auctions for Legendary cards currently range from about 9 SBD to 351 SBD.

Go check out Steem Monsters today and spread the Love wherever you go!


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No luck here:

Sharing some of love :-)

These are my gold foils:


These are awesome! :-)

Cool und

hi !! i have upvoted you please do upvote for me too & lets grow together on steemit .

My gold foils ma babies :D

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